Charter Bus Suppliers

Charter Bus Master Agreements

Baylor University has entered into master charter bus agreements with the following companies for group travel. Reservations for charter bus travel can be made by contacting the individuals listed below and requesting a travel confirmation. The company will provide a travel confirmation which must reference the Baylor master agreement. The reservation will NOT need to be input in TCM, but will need to be processed via requisition with final approval from Procurement Services.

  • Lone Star Coaches, Inc: Reservations for charter bus travel with Lone Star may be made by requesting a quote from Gary Nelson: (
  • Star Shuttle & Charter: Reservations for charter bus travel with Star Shuttle may be made by requesting a quote from Melanie Camarillo: (
  • Echo Transportation: Reservations for charter bus travel with Echo may be made by requesting a quote from their sales department: (
  • Roadrunner Charters: Reservations for charter bus travel with Roadrunner may be made by requesting a quote from Donna Maynes: ( or Sophia Martinez: (

IMPORTANT note on Charter reservations:please ensure that NO terms and conditions are attached to the confirmation that the charter companies send (the confirmation should contain only dates of travel, price, and location of pick up/drop off) and should preferably reference the Master Agreement with the University. If the charter company sends a confirmation containing any additional terms and conditions, please notify Procurement Services before proceeding. Charter reservations should only be made through the contact persons designated for each company as they are the individuals familiar with the procedure for Baylor’s master agreement with that particular company.

Other Charter Bus Reservations

When a Baylor department or organization is unable to secure a charter bus through the master agreements discussed above, the following procedure should be followed:

  1. Choose an operator that has been Department of Defense (DOD) approved. To view the DOD approved carrier list, visit: Department of Defense's Approved Carrier List.
  2. Provide the supplier with as much notice as possible and provide complete trip information, including dates, itinerary, times for pickup, etc.
  3. Based upon information provided to them, the charter bus company will provide price and availability. NOTE: Contract prices do vary from company to company, so it might be appropriate to obtain multiple quotes.
  4. Contracts associated with the trip will need to go through the standard contract review process prior to acceptance of the charter company's quote.
  5. Once the contract has been executed, the department will enter a Requisition, and Procurement Services will send a Purchase Order to the selected supplier.

Procurement and Payment Services

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