America To Go (ATG) is the primary supplier for ordering catering for Baylor University catered events. The America To Go platform must be used for University approved catered events on campus. Existing approved caterers outside of the Ignite Marketplace will be allowed for catering use until Dec. 31, 2020, after which, all catering orders need to be processed through America To Go within the Ignite Marketplace.

Benefits of the master contract supplier relationship are that Baylor receives an electronic ordering platform to streamline the ordering and reconciliation of catered business meals, tasting events with America To Go caterers, and a dedicated account team with 24/7 customer service to handle any situation.

View instructions for using the America To Go punch-out out catalog.





Local Sales Representatives

Customer Service

For immediate assistance with an order or delivery

Toll Free: 866-284-8646

Audrey Emmer

Vice President of Business Development  
Office: 617-314-6618
Cell: 347-306-8145  

Holly Sirois

Senior Account Manager
Office: 212-222-6633


All questions concerning this contract should be directed to Andrew Charbine at or 710-8708.

Additional Catering Information

Baylor Dining Services is the preferred provider of all campus food and beverage and is recommended for any catering function or affair on campus.

Learn more about Baylor Dining Services or call 254.710.4762.

Please note: External guests and constituents holding an event on campus MUST USE Baylor Dining Services for all catering needs.

To become licensed, caterers must complete the America To Go sign-on package and provide required documentation evidencing they meet the university's catering requirements. Contact Audrey Emmer ( at America To Go to request the ATG sign-on package.

Note: Estimated timeframe for a caterer to be setup and ready to order in the ATG Workday catalog is 1-2 weeks from completion and submission of all paperwork, menus and pricing.

Licensed Caterers List

The real-time list of licensed caterers is available in the America To Go Market place within Ignite.

To view the Licensed Caterer List:

  • Log in to Ignite
  • Go to Procurement
  • Click on Purchase Requisitions
  • Select ‘Marketplace’
  • Click on the America to Go button
  • Click 'Vendors' link in the top menu bar

Procurement and Payment Services

One Bear Place #97084
Waco, TX 76798