Termination, and Account Closure

Cardholder’s Responsibilities

Before leaving Baylor University, the Cardholder shall:

  • Surrender the Purchasing Card to their Line Manager.
  • Process unreconciled posted charges in Ignite Expenses.
  • If charges have not yet posted, the cardholder must inform their supervisor of the unposted charges and provide them documentation for the charge. The supervisor will be responsible for reconciling the charges once they post if the employee’s access has been revoked as of the posting date.
  • Provide their Approver with past months Purchasing Card documentation in accordance with the Record Retention policy.

Line Manager’s Responsibilities

  • Contact the Card Program Manager to request to close the account.
  • Complete and submit the Baylor University Purchasing Card Program Cardholder Termination Form.
  • Verify with the employee that all charges have been reconciled. If charges will be outstanding as of the employee’s separation date, the supervisor will be responsible for reconciled those charges within Ignite Expenses (they will be automatically assigned in the system). The supervisor should obtain documentation and support for charges that will post after the employee’s access is revoked.

Account Closure

Cardholders who no longer need their Purchasing Card must surrender it to their Approver. The Approver must then complete the Baylor University Purchasing Card Program Cardholder Termination Form. All past documentation must be retained by the Cardholder in accordance with Baylor’s Records Retention and Archival Policy.

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