Authorized & Unauthorized Purchases

The PCard is intended to facilitate miscellaneous, on-the-spot purchases that cannot go through the purchase order (PO) process. The PCard is not intended to replace or bypass the Baylor Marketplace or PO process. Items purchased using the PCard that are available in the procurement catalog will not receive Baylor contract pricing. Cardholders should contact Procurement and Payment Services with any questions related to approved suppliers and appropriate payment methods. Allowable PCard uses include the following:

Authorized Uses

  1. Books/periodicals/magazines
  2. Business/group meals
  3. Catering (on campus services require preapproval from Purchasing)
  4. Cash withdrawals (requires prior written approval from the CFO)
  5. Conference registration fees (for self or on behalf of other employees)
  6. Emergency repairs
  7. Entertainment expenses
  8. Florists
  9. Professional dues & memberships (for self or on behalf of other employees)
  10. Shipping/freight/postage/couriers (imports that require customs must be preapproved by Baylor P2P team)

Unauthorized Uses

  1. Consulting services
  2. Controlled substances or prescription drugs
  3. Firearms/ammunition
  4. Insurance policies and premiums
  5. Laboratory animals and animal-related purchases
  6. Legal services
  7. Gifts/Gift Cards refer to Tax Manual
    1. Gifts to students may have an unintended effect on their financial aid
  8. Personal expenses not related to Baylor business
  9. Radioactive and hazardous materials
  10. Real estate leases/purchases
  11. Recruiting/temporary hiring services
  12. Tax payments
  13. Trade contractors
  14. Travel expenses for other Baylor employees
  15. Travel agencies
    1. Including third party travel websites such as Orbitz, Expedia,, etc.
    2. Travel reservations are to be made through Baylor’s dedicated travel agency
  16. Software not approved by ITS
  17. Purchases which contain a contribution component
  18. Individual social and merchant memberships which include a potential personal Cardholder benefit, (for example: Baylor Club, Sam’s Club, Amazon Prime, or LinkedIn memberships)
  19. Capital Equipment (single item costing $5,000 or greater)
  20. Any drink or other consumable with alcohol
  21. Guests & entertainment (except for catering orders through CaterTrax and approved Off Campus Caterers including other expenses listed on the Accounting Code Reference Guide
  22. Payments for services including rentals, licenses and software, conference registration fees, membership fees, and maintenance agreements, from a supplier with a foreign address or from a supplier located in the United States if the suppliers is not a U.S. payee.
  23. Purchases to a supplier in a boycotting country: Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, United Arab Emirates.
  24. Charges for gasoline or other fuel
  25. Printing projects that exceed $10,000
  26. Copiers, copier parts, and copier consumables (University-wide contracts exist for these items)
  27. Office telephones and cellular phones (office telephones are allowed under direction of Telephone Services)

Procurement and Payment Services

One Bear Place #97084
Waco, TX 76798