The Contracting Process

All contracts must be processed through Total Contract Manager and executed by an individual with the signature authority granted by the Board of Regents or delegated by the President.

The standard process for contracts for goods and services is as follows:

  1. Employee submits contract request via TCM
  2. The Contract Request is routed to Business Officer for budget approval
  3. The Contract Request is then routed to the appropriate Category Manager for review
  4. The Category Manager will initiate any appropriate internal reviews and send the contract out for e-signature once it is finalized and approved. Once the contract is executed the Category Manager will set up the Contract Purchase Agreement (CPA) in Ignite and provide the department with the CPA number so that a Requisition can be entered.

Please note, we strongly encourage Baylor requesters and those suppliers wishing to do business with Baylor to use a University approved contract template for expedited review and approval. 

Procurement and Payment Services

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