Prospective Suppliers

If you’re interested in becoming a Baylor supplier, you can learn more about Baylor. 

To do business with Baylor a supplier must have been chosen by a Baylor department or Procurement Services. To receive payments from the University the supplier must be registered and within Baylor's financial system. Please note that registration and acceptance merely means Baylor can pay the supplier, it in no way confers preferred supplier status nor the authority to be added to the Baylor Marketplace. Both preferred suppliers and Marketplace suppliers are selected for their strategic benefit and partnership with the University. 

Suppliers are required to provide the following to register to be an approves supplier: 

  • Supplier Name 

  • Supplier Address(es) 

  • Supplier Contact 

  • Contact Phone 

  • Contact Email 

  • TAX ID 

  • W-8BEN or W-9

  • Payment Method 

Procurement and Payment Services

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