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Chart of Accounts

Introduction to Chart of Accounts



Shopping Fundamentals

Video Tutorials

Shopping Navigation and Preferences

Creating a Non-Catalog Requisition

Creating a Marketplace Requisition

Approving a Requisition

Basic Job Aids

Shopping Navigation and Preferences

Non-Catalog Requisitions

Marketplace Requisitions

Baylor Procurement Categories

Approving a Requisition

Payment Request Reference Guide

Buying and Paying Guide

Advanced Job Aids

Requesting New Suppliers

Identifying a Supplier

Payment Requests

Modifying Requisitions

Life Cycle of Requisitions

Change Orders

Receiving and Invoice Approvals

After the Fact Requests

Student Pay QRG

Travel & Expenses


Expenses for Travelers and Shoppers

Video Tutorials

Expenses Navigation

Create Expense Authorization

Creating an Expense Report

Job Aids

Managing Personal Bank Accounts and Delegates

Creating Spend Authorization Requests

Creating Expense Reports

Managing and Approving Expense Reports

Using Expense Types

Creating Cash Advance Requests

Managing and Approving Cash Advance Requests

Reconciling Cash Advance Requests

Creating Expense Reports for Purchasing and Travel Cards

Contracts & Total Contract Manager


TCM Optimization and Contracts Overview

Contract Review and Approval Process

Contract Types and Templates

Video Tutorials

Contract Requests

Job Aids

Contract Requests

Add a Contract Party - Contracts other than those for Goods and Services

TCM Status Guide


Procurement and Payment Services

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