Training & Job Aids

Chart of Accounts

Introduction to Chart of Accounts


Shopping Fundamentals
Shopping Advanced

Video Tutorials
Requisition Preferences-Charge Account (COA/POETAF)
Requisition Preferences-Shipping & Delivery Address
Creating a Non-Catalog Requisition
Creating a Marketplace Requisition
Approving a Requisition

Requisition Preferences-Charge Account (COA/POETAF)
Requisition Preferences-Shipping & Delivery Address
Non-Catalog Requests
Editing Multiple Lines
Marketplace Shopping
Marketplace Shopping QRG
Baylor Procurement Categories
Requisition Approvals
Payment Requests
Payment Request Reference Guide
Buying and Paying Guide
Requesting New Suppliers
Identifying a Supplier
Modifying Requisitions
Life Cycle of Requisitions
Change Orders
Receiving and Invoice Approvals
After the Fact Requests
Student Pay QRG
Student Payments Guide
Amazon FAQs
Cancelling a Purchase Order from a Requisition
Cancelling a Requisition
Cross Fiscal Year Purchasing
Standing Order QRG
Supplement Orders QRG

Travel & Expenses

Expenses for Travelers and Shoppers

Video Tutorials
Expenses Navigation
Create Expense Authorization
Creating an Expense Report

Creating & Editing an Authorization Request
Managing Authorization Requests
Creating Expense Reports
Managing and Approving Expense Reports
Using Expense Types
Travel Card Reconciliation & Expense Report Creation
P-Card Reconciliation & Expense Report Creation
Creating an Expense Report by Spreadsheet Upload
Creating & Editing a Cash Advance Request
Managing Cash Advance Requests
Reconciling Cash Advance Requests
Managing Personal Bank Accounts
Managing Expense Report Delegates
Delegation Type Fact Sheet

Contracts & Total Contract Manager

TCM Optimization and Contracts Overview

Video Tutorials
Contract Requests

Contract Review and Approval Process
Contract Types
Contract Requests
Add a Contract Party - Contracts other than those for Goods and Services
TCM Status Guide

Procurement and Payment Services

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