Purchasing Card

Purchasing Card

Welcome to Baylor University's Purchasing Card program! We hope you find it helpful in conducting business for the University. Please do not hesitate to ask questions regarding any aspect of this program.

The Purchasing Card is provided to eligible employees and designed to help streamline the procurement and payment processes for small purchases.

The Purchasing Card is a privilege granted to departmental faculty and staff that must be used in a responsible and appropriate manner. Only eligible direct University business expenses may be charged; personal purchases are strictly prohibited. All transactions must be supported by a detailed business purpose and by proof of purchase documentation. Fraudulent or intentional misuse of the card will result in revocation of the card, personnel actions against the Cardholder, and/or possible criminal charges. Baylor University's Office of Internal Audit will conduct periodic audits of Cardholder's documentation.


A cardholder is authorized by the Business Unit/Entity Approver. Eligibility is based on the following criteria:

  1. Must read and sign the Cardholder Agreement,
  2. Must complete the required online training prior to receiving their card,
  3. Must complete annual trainings or card will be terminated


The Baylor employee must complete and submit an application form with appropriate department and Business Officer approvals. The employee will be expected to read these procedures and required to sign the appropriate user agreement indicating the employee understands the procedures and the responsibilities of a Cardholder. 

Purchasing Card Application
Purchasing Card User Agreement


The requested card should be delivered to Procurement Services within 10 business days after application approval. However, cards will not be issued to the employee until successfully completing the required training courses.

Cardholders Responsibilities

Cardholders are responsible for all charges made on their card. The Cardholder that completes an approved application and receives their name embossed on the card is the only authorized user, no other person is authorized to use that card. Cardholders must read, understand and follow this policy and accompanying procedures.  Cardholders may initiate transactions on behalf of others in his/her department; however, Cardholders are responsible for purchasing only eligible goods and services as described in this document; obtaining required documentation; and ensuring charges to restricted funds are following the terms and/or conditions of the fund. Cardholders with questions about whether certain expenditures are allowed on restricted funds must direct questions to their University Research Associate (URA) or dean’s office. Cardholders must ensure all transactions are familiar and reasonable, perform a detailed review or delegate detailed review to a designee, and provide all receipts to a reviewer before reconciling the transaction.

Procurement and Payment Services

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