Paying for Goods or Services


An invoice is a commercial document issued by a supplier to the University for goods or services in agreed-upon quantities and prices. Baylor receives electronic invoices from Marketplace suppliers automatically. All other invoices should be emailed directly to by the supplier. In the event a Baylor department or school receives an invoice, it should be scanned and submitted via emailed.

Invoice Requirements
  • New suppliers must register and enroll for electronic payments before an invoice can be paid.

  • Suppliers should bill only for items shipped or services already provided.

  • Suppliers should provide the following information:

    • Purchase Order number

    • Shipping address

    • Remit-to address

    • Invoice number

    • Invoice date

    • Baylor contact 

    • Separate line item charges and brief description for each item as listed on the Purchase Order

    • Sales tax when applicable

    • Clearly marked invoice total

PO Requirement

Baylor University requires purchases of all goods and services must be based on a purchase order issued to the supplier prior to the delivery of the goods or commencement of the service. Unless otherwise permissible as a limited Non-Purchase Order transaction, any invoices received from a supplier MUST clearly state a valid Purchase Order provided by the University or it will be rejected and returned to the supplier (“No PO, no pay”). 

Invoices issued to Baylor without prior a valid Purchase Order will not be paid. To complete payment, a Baylor employee must submit an After-the-Fact request in Ignite. The request follows the standard requisition process, and must first be approved by the Department Approver, and other appropriate approvers (depending on total order amount), and Procurement Services. 

**Please be aware that After-the-Fact requests may not be approved, therefore any Baylor employee that has inappropriately, or without authority, incurred or created an obligation without an approved Purchase Order or other exemption may be personally liable for such obligation.**


  1. Baylor issues official PO from system to approved supplier 

  2. Supplier issues invoice to Baylor with requirements 

  3. Ignite ensures that the PO & invoices amounts match 

  4. If the invoice is for greater than $10,000 it must be approved by the requester in Ignite 

  5. Approved invoices are paid within the payment terms established between Baylor and the Supplier 

Exceptions to PO Requirement - Non-PO Payments

Purchasing Card 

Purchasing Cards may be used on a limited basis and within the parameters outlined in the Procurement Card Policy. It is not to be used for all purchases or to avoid using a purchase order.  

Payment Request 

A Payment Request may be used to request payment for services when the transaction does not warrant the issuance of an official PO to a supplier, for direct billed contracted services, services for which it is the normal practice to pay in advance, and for certain special payments such as recurring or international.

A Payment Request may NOT be used as a method to pay invoices for goods or services. Payment Services reserves the right to refuse approval of a Payment Request from those departments that consistently refuse to use the proper purchasing method. 

Procurement and Payment Services

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