Baylor University recognizes the benefits achieved through an organized, systematic, and collaborative approach to acquiring common goods and services. Baylor’s Procurement and Payment Services team and its strategic sourcing professionals collaborate with faculty, staff, and other campus stakeholders to establish a collaborative, cohesive, and disciplined strategy to manage spend, contractual commitments, and University suppliers and partners. 

Baylor's Procurement and Payment Services teams provide expert advice on all of your planning, purchasing and payment needs. 

Guiding Principles

Baylor Business Services and the Procurement and Payment professionals are focused on the following principles to guide its partnership and support with the wider University and local Waco communities.


As stewards of the funds which have been provided in trust by student tuition, alumni, boosters as well as state and federal governments to fulfill the agreed purposes and carry out its mission. A portion of these funds are used through formal procurement processes, stakeholders need to be assured the funds are used responsibly.


Appropriate return on investment for goods and/or services. Value is not necessarily defined by the lowest initial price, but rather the best mix of factors such as price, quality, service, warranty, among many others.


Establishing relationships and fulfilling purchases that account for University-wide needs for quantity, quality, timeliness, and price. This includes evaluating the reasonableness of cost-sharing among departments, surplus property, and other collaborations.


Conduct all activities in an ethical and transparent manner consistent with our faith-based founding and conflict of interest obligations to government entities.

Procurement and Payment Services

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