Contract Review and Approval Process

How do I submit a contract for review and signature?

If you are ready to have a contract reviewed by the necessary compliance areas and the Office of General Counsel, and signed by an individual with signature authority to bind Baylor University, the contract must be entered into TCM via a Contract Request. If you have not been trained in TCM, and/or submit only 3-5 contracts each year for review and signature, please email the Director of Contract Administration so that the contract can be submitted for you. To access the TCM live environment, visit The Helpful Documents page contains Reference Guides and Training Videos to assist you step-by-step. Please only enter live contracts needing review and signature in the live environment; to process "practice" contracts in TCM, please enter such contracts in the test environment, click here.

Your Contract Request will be routed to the appropriate Contract Manager within your department or division. The Contract Manager will review the Contract Request and forward the contract to the Office of General Counsel. If your department or division is not listed or has not been assigned a Contract Manager, please contact the Director of Contract Administration at Ext. 4552 to process your contract.

If you are a Contract Manager, Reviewer/Approver, or Signatory, click here for helpful information regarding contract creation, review, approval, and management.

Contract Review and Approval Process in TCM

Within TCM, the contract review and approval process will follow this basic workflow:

  1. Contract Request. An employee of Baylor negotiates a business deal and desires to enter into an agreement which will bind the University in a contract. The employee will complete a Contract Request in TCM, consisting of preliminary questions and information. The Contract Requestor will attach the second party’s proposed contract or propose a template be used, along with any additional documents associated with the contract. Once submitted, the Contract Request will be reviewed by any necessary risk and compliance areas before being forwarded to a Contract Manager.
  2. Contract Creation. The proposed contract will be forwarded to the Contract Manager of the appropriate department or division. The Contract Manager will review the Contract Request and ensure that all appropriate preliminary information and forms have been completed. The Contract Manager will create the contract record within TCM, complete additional header information, and assign an Office of General Counsel facilitator to coordinate legal review.
  3. Contract Review. Any University representatives who need to review and/or edit the contract will do so in an internal review round. This includes representatives of Governance, Risk, and Compliance; Office of General Counsel; and approving Vice President if necessary.
  4. Contract Approval. After the contract has been reviewed and approved in the internal review round(s), the contract will be submitted for formal approval and signature. The Office of General Counsel will review the contract in final form, and the contract will be sent by the Contract Manager to the second party for electronic signature.
  5. Contract Execution and Management. The appropriate Baylor signatory will then sign the contract via electronic signature. The fully-executed contract will be maintained as a record within TCM, and TCM will generate necessary renewal or expiration notifications.

About Total Contract Manager: Baylor's Contract Lifecycle Management Software Solution

Total Contract Manager (TCM) is a solution designed to enable organizations to manage the complete lifecycle of their contracts. Specific features of TCM include a highly configurable interface for creating workflow, use of Baylor’s contract templates, automatic contract event notifications, and reporting capabilities.

Utilizing TCM provides Baylor with the following benefits:

  • A clear and consistent contract routing process
  • A transparent and accessible review process
  • Ensures contracts are ready for legal review when routed to the Office of General Counsel (all necessary information is complete and provided with the contract)
  • Electronic review, edits, and maintainance of contracts so that multiple drafts are not generated and stored throughout the University
  • Convenient electronic signature capability for all parties
  • Automated event notifications to contract owners and stakeholders for milestones, such as renewal and expiration dates

If you have questions regarding contract management or need to submit a contract for review and approval, please e-mail Sarah Brockhaus, Director of Contract Administration, or call 710-4552, or e-mail Tom Hoffmeyer, Assistant Vice President for Procurement Services.