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The mission of Procurement Services is to provide value, quality, and customer satisfaction in our services while maintaining the highest level of professionalism, ethics, and integrity in support of Baylor University.

We support Illuminate, Baylor’s strategic academic plan, by providing services that support the five initiatives and foundational pillars of Illuminate, with specific focus on sourcing and procurement for sciences and research initiatives.

Procurement Services is responsible for:

  • Facilitating the University's approximately $140 million of annual Purchase Order spend on construction, equipment, supplies, and services
  • Providing administration and oversight of Baylor's card programs of over 950 cards with $29 million annual spend
  • Assisting departments with sourcing strategies including Request for Proposal (RFP) issuance, evaluation, and contract formation in various areas of strategic campus activity
  • Managing contractual relations and performance for major university suppliers.
  • Facilitating contract lifecycle workflow from initiation to execution for all university contracts
  • Providing oversight of vending and ATM services for the campus community
  • Managing comprehensive records management for all university documents

The Procurement Office is growing and evolving to meet the needs of Baylor University. Below are a few highlights to make you aware of new staff, enhancements, and over-all reminders for the new Fiscal year.

Scientific and Research Related Procurement
Tracy Johnson is Baylor’s Strategic Procurement Analyst. She focuses on scientific research procurement and entering into supplier agreements with the goal of reducing costs for Baylor and streamlining the purchase process with regularly-used vendors. Many master agreements are being negotiated. A full listing of these contracts will soon be available on the Procurement website. If you would like more information on these agreements, please contact Tracy Johnson.

Total Contract Management (TCM) Training
TCM was implemented in 2017. If you are new to handling contracts, or need a refresher on policy and procedures, review the TCM Reference Guides & Training Videos, or visit Baylor Compass to enroll in the live training sessions. For questions, or to schedule a private training session, contact Sarah Brockhaus.

Renewals and Amendments
Contact the Contract Manager for your department or division if an existing contract in TCM needs to be renewed or amended. Your Contract Manager can assist you with processing the renewal or amendment for appropriate reviews and execution.

Contract Import
Send any active contracts (contracts that have not reached their expiration date and are not in TCM) to Sarah Brockhaus for import into TCM.

Group and Cooperative Purchasing
Group and cooperative purchasing agreements allow participating members to utilize competitively bid contracts for a wide variety of goods and services. These organizations provide additional buying leverage for member institutions. Please visit Group and Cooperative Purchasing for a list of the groups.

Software Purchases
All software purchases must be referred to ITS for review and approval before making a purchase on the P-Card. Please review Software Catalog to determine if software is already available for campus-wide use. If the purchase contains terms and conditions, these must be processed in TCM for review and approval prior to purchase. Once the terms and conditions have been approved, the TCM contract number must be added to the notes section in PaymentNet.

Furniture Purchases
Baylor University Furniture Standards are the approved guidelines for all new applicable furniture installation projects or requests as documented by Facilities Planning and Construction Services and Procurement Services. Please see Furniture Standards for updates.

Please see Approved Furniture Dealers that are approved to sell furniture to the University under the furniture standards guidelines.

Group Travel
When entering requisitions for group travel, please visit Pre-Travel Procedures for information needed to initiate a requisition.

Business cards and stationery
Please visit Baylor University Catalog to create a online account and order Baylor approved stationery.



Tom Hoffmeyer
Assistant Vice President for Procurement Services

Buffy Nehring
Office Manager

Sarah Brockhaus
Director of Contract Administration

Richard Wright
Director of Procurement Services

John Coffer
Assistant Director of Procurement Services

Vel Barnes
Card Program Manager

Tracy Johnson
Strategic Procurement Analyst

Mickey Cochran
Senior Procurement Specialist

Albert Rodriquez
Senior Procurement Specialist

Austin Emlet
Procurement Specialist