Protecting Minors in Baylor Programs - April 29, 2014

April 29, 2014
Baylor University is committed to ensuring the safety of all individuals on Baylor's campuses and involved in Baylor's programs, especially minor children (under 18 years of age). As mentioned in my email message last week, it is now time to complete the survey. Below is a link to the Praesidium Online Survey for Programs Serving Minors, which is designed to identify all of Baylor's programs serving minors on campus and in the community:

Please distribute this email to all Program Directors in your department who operate, sponsor or host a program that serves minors on campus or in the community. Please complete the first segment of the survey even if you or your department does not operate, sponsor or host any programs that serve minors so that we may have accurate records.

Survey responses are due by May 9, 2014.

This survey may take less than 10 minutes to complete and will ask some basic questions about:

  • the type of program

  • which entity(ies) operate, sponsor or host the program

  • when the program operates

  • where the program operates

  • the number of employees, interns, volunteers and minors involved in the program

  • whether the program involves overnight stays

  • whether the program has developed any specific policies

    • If you or your department operates more than one program (i.e., an academic program, day camp, residence camp, recreation center sport, childcare program, mentoring program, summer conference, internship, research or lab activity, student teaching, health clinic, campus tour, etc.), please have each Program Director complete a separate survey.

      If the program operates multiple times in one year, the Program Director may provide one combined response for that particular reoccurring program.

      Example 1: A one-week summer basketball camp that operates six times each summer should complete only one survey. Any other sport-related camps under the same department (football, soccer, etc.) will need to complete a separate survey.

      Example 2: Admissions department that operates 10,000 campus tours with minors and their parents each year should complete only one survey.

      Example 3: A math department that operates a tutoring program for at-risk children in multiple public schools and hosts a separate open house event for potential students in the fall will need to complete two separate surveys (one for the tutoring program and one for the open house event).

      If you or your department operates any programs that may involve minor students, please be sure to complete a survey. However, it is not necessary to identify individual minors who may be enrolled as students on campus in traditional university courses, not part of any specific program. The university will capture this data in a different manner. Even if minors are accompanied by parents or adults from another organization, please complete the survey. Feel free to use the comment section to address specific issues not captured on the survey.

      If you are not sure whether someone is a Program Director, feel free to send them the survey and encourage them to further discuss it with you. You can also direct any questions about this survey to Warren Ricks, Assistant Vice President and Chief Risk Management Officer, at or 710-4586.


      Ken Starr
      President and Chancellor
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