Why Minor in Legal Reasoning And Analysis?

Studying law as an undergraduate is not required for pre-law students, and declaration of the LRA minor is not necessary to be pre-law at Baylor or to gain admission to law school. Nonetheless, there are several reasons you might consider adding the LRA minor if you are interested in law school.

First, pursuing an LRA minor can help you further explore your initial interest in law. By exposing you to the kind of reasoning that law students and lawyers use, the LRA minor will help you make a reasoned decision about whether this is an appropriate professional path for you. As an LRA minor, you will also have the opportunity to take courses that will expose you to different areas of law, helping you begin to understand the many ways you can use a law degree.

Second, the LRA minor will allow you to tailor coursework to your particular interests while academically preparing you for law school. The study of law is interdisciplinary, and successful pre-law students take challenging classes from several different departments. The breadth of the LRA minor allows you to explore your interests in areas outside your primary major. The minor is designed to give you maximum freedom in choosing what subjects you study, while guiding you toward courses that will build the skills necessary to prepare for the academic rigors of law school.

Third, pursuing the LRA minor will also ensure you have the academic preparation necessary for success on the Law School Admissions Test (the "LSAT"), which emphasizes critical reading, logical and analytical reasoning skills.