Minor in Legal Reasoning and Analysis

Legal Reasoning and Analysis (LRA) is an interdisciplinary minor in Baylor’s College of Arts & Sciences designed to foster development of skills that form a solid foundation for a legal education. The minor is built on guidance from the American Bar Association (ABA) in its "Statement on Pre-Law Preparation."

Although the ABA echoes the guidance of law schools and legal employers that no particular undergraduate curriculum is required for entrance to law school, the ABA does identify a set of core skills and values that a student must develop to be successful in law school and in the legal profession:

• Problem Solving

• Critical Reading

• Writing and Editing

• Oral Communication and Listening

• Research

• Organization and Management

• Public Service and Promotion of Justice

• Relationship-building and Collaboration

• Background Knowledge and Exposure to the Law

The aim of the LRA minor is provide a framework for developing these skills. However, Pre-Law students at Baylor are not required to minor in LRA, nor are students in the LRA minor required to carry either the 'Pre-Law' or 'Pre-Law Interest' designation. Some Pre-Law students may choose to gain the skills necessary for law school in other ways, while some students who are not pre-law may choose to minor in LRA to better understand how the law and principles of legal reasoning impact their chosen vocational fields. The university “pre-law" designation and the LRA minor are separate and must be added to your academic record separately.

If you have questions about adding the university “pre-law" designation or general questions about law-school preparation and how the LRA minor might fit with your pre-law plan, contact Baylor Pre-Law at: prelaw@baylor.edu