Advice from Alumni

Danielle Cooper
"Start early. Keep a good GPA your freshman year and begin LSAT practice tests in your first two years as an undergrad. This is what I didn't do and wish I did.


Don't quit. I never changed my major or dropped Honors or BIC, and I believe law schools were impressed with that consistency. This is what I am so thankful I did!"

-Danielle Cooper, Class of 2016, University of Texas Law



"Get involved. True involvement will be rewarding in more ways than simply filling space on a resume. It will allow you to feel connected to Baylor and the people in your organizations: it will give you friends and memories to look back on after your four years at this wonderful university are over. Pick the groups you love and really devote yourself to them. “


-Lauren Lamb, Class of 2016, Washington University in St. Louis School of Law



Ashley O'Brien
"Take advantage of professors’ office hours. Baylor professors are so open to the students, and they want you to come and see them for office hours if you need help or advice. It's a great way to develop relationships for letters of recommendations later on. I also received valuable advice from my professors about life and career opportunities.”

-Ashley O’Brien, Class of 2013, University of Texas Law




Alex Angle
"Study today in light of what you plan to do in the future. Everyone has those days where you would rather shirk responsibilities and relax instead of diligently working, but there are innumerable rewards for leaving the comfort zone to pursue what you want; not what you want today, but what you want in the long term. Set a big goal, and work backwards to see what you need to do to get there.”


-Alex Angle, Class of 2016, Regent University School of Law