Pre-Law Alumni

Baylor Law School

Baylor Pre-Law alumni study in law schools and graduate schools all over the nation, continuing to work in law firms, non-profits, universities, and foundations to pursue their unique and diverse career goals. In order to best serve both alumni and current students, the Pre-Law program maintains an alumni group via Linked in, aimed at  connecting alumni both to each other, and to current students in order to foster connections and relationships in the Baylor family. Alumni can join the group by searching for 'Baylor Pre-Law Alumni' on LinkedIn, or by contacting the Program Manager, Benjamin J. Cooper, via LinkedIn.

"Advice from Alumni" allows recent Baylor graduates to provide advice and encouragement to current students on topics relating to law school, Baylor, and life as an undergraduate. Lastly, "Alumni Profiles" highlights exceptional alumni who graduated from Baylor's Pre-Law program to accomplish great things. We are so proud of our Baylor alumni and hope to see you back for homecoming and a cup of cowboy coffee from Common Grounds. Sic 'em!