Courses related to specialties of law practice

There are many areas of practice within the legal profession. For many practice areas, there are specific undergraduate courses that can help prepare students for the future practice of law. Some of these are listed below.

Practice Area and Description:

Useful Courses:

Administrative Law: Focuses on the practices of federal, state or local administrative agencies, and judicial review of agency actions. Some areas of specialization are energy, immigration, social security, professional licensing, and local land use planning.

ECO 4317 Economics of Regulation

ECO 4320 Economics of Government

PSC 4321 Administrative Law

Antitrust Law: Focuses on the laws governing the promotion and protection of competition in national and international markets.

ECO 3306 Intermediate Microeconomic Analysis

ECO 4316 Industrial Organization

ECO 4317 Economics of Regulation

ECO 4319 Game Theory

ECO 4347 Econometrics

Business/Corporate Law: Provides general legal and business advice to businesses across a variety of areas of law, including contracts, labor and employment, corporation law, securities regulation, and more.

ACC 2303 Financial Accounting

ACC 2304 Managerial Accounting

BL 4303 Employment Law

ECO 4316 Industrial Organization

FIN 3310 Introduction to Financial Management

FIN 4360 Corporate Finance

FIN 4365 Investment Analysis

FIN 4366 Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives

RMI 3305 Fundamentals of Risk Management and Insurance

Constitutional Law: Focuses on matters arising under constitutional rights, including criminal rights, free speech, freedom of religion, and due process.

PSC 2302 American Constitutional Development

PSC 4361 American Constitutional Law

PSC 4381 American Constitutional Law

PSC/AMS/REL 3339 Law and Religion in the United States

Criminal Law: Focuses on enforcement of the criminal laws and administration of the criminal justice system. Criminal prosecutors and defenders handle offenses against the state, rather than claims belonging to individuals.

PPS/PSC 3302 Criminal Justice and Community Law

SOC 4352 Criminology

SOC 3360 Juvenile Delinquency

SOC 3361 Extreme Deviance

Environmental Law: Focuses on matters related to the environment, natural resources, and energy.

ENV 3300 The Environment and Political Processes

ENV 3306 Conserving Biodiversity

ENV 3333 Watershed Assessment

ENV 4335 Applied Environmental Analysis

ENV 4307 Environmental Law

ENV/ECO 4323 The Environment and Economic Analysis

Estate Planning: Assists in long-term financial planning, with a focus on transmission of assets at death, provision of care for minor children after death of parents, and creation of living trusts.

ACC 4377 Personal and Business Tax Planning

FIN 3310 Introduction to Financial Management

FIN 4365 Investment Analysis

FSP 3301 Personal Finance

FSP 3367 Introduction to Personal Financial Planning

Family Law: Handles matters related to the family, such as in areas such as adoption, divorce, custody, military law, alternative families, and elder law.

SOC 3330 Women in American Society

SOC 3355/ECO 4355 Introduction to the Economics of Poverty and Discrimination

SOC 3311 Race, Class, and Gender

International Law: Provides advice to clients on matters relating to international treaties, acquisitions, and trade activities.

BL 4398 International Law

ECO/INB 3331 International Economics

ECO 4338 Economic Systems of the World

PSC 4305 International Law

Patent Law: Assists developers of new technology in protecting intellectual property rights in their inventions.

A general background in engineering is exceptionally valuable in the practice of patent law. Significant science background is required for patent prosecution. Please see Baylor Pre-Law as early as possible if you are interested in a career in patent law.

Real Estate Law: Provides advice in connection with real estate transactions ranging from residential to high-end commercial, including eminent domain laws.

ACC 2303 Financial Accounting

ACC 2304 Managerial Accounting

FIN 3310 Introduction to Financial Management

FIN 4360 Corporate Finance

Any RE (Real Estate) courses

Tax Law: Provides advice on tax consequences of a wide variety of activities.

A major in accounting with an emphasis on tax accounting would be very valuable, though not necessary.