University Scholars Program: The University Scholars program gives students excellent pre-law preparation because all students must read widely on their own outside of the course requirements with a view to preparation for an exit interview in the junior year of study. Moreover, because the program gives each student an extremely flexible schedule, students can take courses from a variety of disciplines, developing a unique, individualized course of study as excellent preparation for law school.

Baylor Business Fellows Program: The Baylor Business Fellows major is a program within the Hankamer School of Business targeted at students who demonstrate high intellectual standing and want to maximize their time to learn what will best benefit them in the future. Baylor Business Fellows is a special degree program offered to gifted, high achieving Baylor students, providing them the flexibility to reach their educational goals by allowing them to choose the pieces that compose their degree. Admission to Baylor Business Fellows is competitive and is separate from and subsequent to admission to Baylor University.

Honors Program: The Honors Program in the Honors College allows students to maximize their education along the lines recommended by the ABA. Because of the emphasis on critical thinking, research, and writing, the Honors Program is a good option for students wishing to pursue a career in law. In particular, the thesis component provides experience with rigorous and analytical writing, including preparing original pieces of substantial length and revising written work in response to constructive criticism. Successful lawyers have the ability to make persuasive arguments within complex circumstances, and writing a thesis gives undergraduate students the opportunity to bring together a great deal of information. The Honors Program also emphasizes the broad range of disciplines, fields, and practices. Law, like other professions, is an interdisciplinary practice, for which the best preparation is an interdisciplinary curriculum that helps future lawyers see the connections between the various subject areas.

Baylor Interdisciplinary Core: The Baylor Interdisciplinary Core, a program within the Honors College, is an interdisciplinary general education alternative curriculum that is compatible with all other Honors College programs and with most majors at Baylor. The World Cultures sequence is structured to enhance student’s historical consciousness and uses discussion groups that focus on in-depth exploration of primary texts. The Rhetoric sequence develops reading, oral communication, interpretative, and thinking skills. Students develop skills in textual and contextual analysis as well as in forming well-developed ideas that may be communicated to a specific audience, clearly and cogently. The interdisciplinary focus of the program, situated within the first two years of study at Baylor, provides a strong foundation for upper level study in disciplines conducive to further preparation for law school.

Crane Scholars: The Crane Scholars Program is an intensive program for Baylor undergraduates sponsored by the Institute for Faith and Learning that encourages and supports gifted students who are interested in connections between faith and reason. The program seeks to identify and mentor students who are considering graduate school and careers in academic life in particular. The program convenes dinners, seminars, and retreats in an effort to foster intellectually rich discussions about faith and scholarly inquiry as students are introduced to leading Christian scholars and their writings. In addition, the program seeks to provide resources and guidance to students applying to graduate programs in a variety of academic disciplines.

Baylor in Washington: Baylor offers the opportunity for students to visit Washington DC, throughout the year (Summer, Fall & Spring semesters) and to gain real world, credit bearing internship experience. Students have completed internships at a variety of locations, including the Whitehouse, the US Supreme Court, various congressional offices and intelligence agencies.

Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Achievement: The Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Achievement (URSA) initiative at Baylor welcomes all undergraduates, from freshman to senior, to consider maximizing their education through a variety of research and scholarly activities found both within the classroom and beyond.