Pre-Law Student Ambassadors:
  • represent the needs and interests of Pre-Law students at monthly Pre-Law Student Ambassador meetings;
  • participate in the development of and attend Baylor Pre-Law events;
  • work with Baylor Pre-Law to develop resources for Pre-Law students;
  • assist Baylor Pre-Law in disseminating information to pre-law students; and
  • work with Baylor Pre-Law to recruit prospective pre-law students.
Baylor Pre-Law will be accepting applications for students interested in serving as a Pre-Law Student Ambassador in August of each year. All Pre-Law designated students will be notified via their Baylor email address. Sophomores, Juniors and Senior students who are designated Pre-Law and have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.2 are eligible to apply.

The goal is for Pre-Law Student Ambassadors to include students from a variety of schools, majors, and areas of campus involvement so that Pre-Law Student Ambassadors are able to (1) accurately represent the needs of pre-law students to Baylor Pre-Law; and (2) effectively communicate information from Baylor Pre-Law to all Pre-Law students.

Pre-Law Student Ambassadors must be full-time students in good academic standing who have designated Pre-Law on their academic record.

Applications will open in August of each year.