About Baylor Pre-Law

Baylor Pre-Law is made up of a Pre-Law Coordinator as well as a Pre-Law Advisory Council of faculty and staff members from across the university. The Pre-Law Student Ambassadors also play a crucial role in the planning and implementation of Baylor Pre-Law programs. All of these individuals work collaboratively to support the development of Baylor's pre-law students.

Pre-Law Program Manager

Pre-Law Advisory Council

  • Dr. Francis Beckwith (Philosophy)
  • Mr. Alex Bell (Alumni Representative)
  • Mr. Sam Binkley (Business School)
  • Mr. Thomas Doyle (Alumni Representative)
  • Dr. Patrick Flavin (Political Science)
  • Ms. Rosanne Fuller (College of Arts and Science Advising)
  • Dr. Timothy Heckenlively (Classics)
  • Mr. David Iler (Office of General Counsel)
  • Ms. Joyce Miller (University Advisement)
  • Mr. Adam Moore (Baylor Interdisciplinary Core)
  • Dr. Charles North (Baylor Business Fellows)
  • Ms. Trish Nunley (Business Law)
  • Dr. Joan Supplee (History)
  • Dr. Lynn Wisely (College of Arts & Science)