Exploring Your Passion: Opportunities at Baylor

Being a pre-law student at Baylor is about discovering what motivates you and inspires you. Rather than following a one-size-fits-all pre-law path, you will be encouraged to work with Baylor Pre-Law to discover how you can follow that inspiration down a path that will prepare you for law school. This preparation happens inside classroom across campus, from Engineering labs to Philosophy seminars, as well through the countless opportunities for extracurricular involvement on campus and in the Waco community.


A pre-law student at BaylorAs a pre-law student at Baylor, you have the opportunity to explore the legal field while immersing yourself in the discipline of your choice. Students who attend law school come from many different majors and educational backgrounds. In light of that, Baylor Pre-Law encourages you to pick a course of study that inspires and challenges you. Pre-law students thrive in many of Baylor’s diverse academic programs.

Several departments, including Economics, Political Science, Philosophy, and Great Texts, offer pre-law tracks. A pre-law track is a sequence of courses within the major that are particularly useful for pre-law students. These tracks provide pre-law students guidance on how to select core and elective classes in such a way as to maximize preparation for further study in law.

For pre-law students in majors that do not offer formal tracks, individualized advising is available to help ensure student have experiences that are critical for law school preparation. Specifically, advisors help students choose courses that will require substantial writing under close scrutiny, courses that will assist them in developing their skills in analytical reasoning, reading comprehension and oral expression, and course that relevant to a student’s specific legal interests.

Many outstanding pre-law students find a home in Baylor’s Honors College, which provides opportunities for interdisciplinary learning and rigorous preparation in reading, analysis and writing. There are four programs within the Honors College - Baylor Interdisciplinary Core, the Honors Program, University Scholars and Great Texts - each of which offers excellent preparation for the demands of law school.

Many high-achieving pre-law students who study in the Hankamer School of Business join the Baylor Business Fellows program, which is targeted at students who demonstrate high intellectual standing and allows students to tailor their time at Baylor to their talents and passions by combining flexible course selection with individualized and in-depth advising.

Regardless of your major, you can take classes in different areas of law - from criminal to environmental to corporate - to begin exploring your interests. Many of these classes are taught by lawyers who have been through the rigors of law school and know how to prepare you for it. You can also sign up for one of several classes that allow you to do a legal internship for course credit.


Student Government Classroom

The pre-law educational experience is not just confined to the classroom. Leadership skills are fostered through active involvement in Baylor Student Organizations. With more than 285 chartered organizations, Baylor provides opportunities that match the diverse interests of pre-law students. This includes organizations and activities that connect pre-law students to one another. The Pre-Law Student Ambassadors plan events to build community among pre-law students. The Baylor Pre-Law society provides students with information about law school and opportunities to network with professors and legal professionals. Baylor also fields competitive teams in Mock Trial, Debate, Moot Court, Model United Nations, and Model Organization of American States.

Residential life at Baylor is designed to prepare students for life in a diverse world and to provide students with the opportunity to build life-changing relationships. Pre-law students at Baylor have a chance to live in one of several Living-Learning Centers or Residential Colleges, including the Baylor & Beyond LLC, the Leadership LLC, Brooks Residential College, or the Honors Residential College. These specialized residential experiences provide an integrated and holistic education by combining the classroom experience with campus living and promoting informal interaction between students and faculty. This kind of integrated learning and interaction with faculty is crucial to the academic development of pre-law students.