Pre-law at Baylor is a pre-professional track rather than a major, and there are no required courses. So what does it really mean to be pre-law?

It means to take intentional steps to prepare yourself (1) to make an informed decision about entering the legal profession; (2) to succeed in the academic rigors of law school; and (3) gain admission to excellent law schools. Baylor Pre-Law is here to help you accomplish each of those objectives.

Located in Sid Richardson 101, Baylor Pre-Law provides advising, programming, and resources to students of all majors who are considering a career in law.

If you are considering applying to law school, make sure you have added the pre-law designation to your academic record. Adding the pre-law declaration is important because it identifies you as pre-law to your advisors and ensures that you will get important information about law-school preparation. How do you add it? Contact Baylor Pre-Law or your academic advisor.

All pre-law students are encouraged to meet with Baylor Pre-Law office regularly and at least once a year. Contact the office directly to make an appointment or with any questions.