Why Baylor

The search for the right college can be daunting. How do you know if Baylor is the right place for you to prepare for a career in the legal profession? Considering the following questions:

What type of community do you want?

By coming to Baylor, you join an extensive and loyal family of lawyer "Bears." You will have roughly 1,000 bright and welcoming Pre-Law peers and will join an alumni network of extraordinarily talented lawyers around the country. The people you meet here at Baylor will be the foundation of your professional network, in addition to your life-long friends. This is key, as more than 70 percent of legal jobs are obtained through networking.

As a Pre-Law student, you will also enjoy access to caring and dedicated faculty who are invested in the success of Baylor’s future lawyers. Outstanding professors from a variety of disciplines and schools teach, advise, and mentor pre-law students. With a student/faculty ratio of 17:1, Baylor maintains small classes averaging 29 students. Accessibility to professors is reinforced through Baylor's tradition of encouraging generous faculty office hours. The opportunity to develop close faculty relationships is particularly important to an aspiring law-school application because of the importance of letters of recommendation in the admissions process.

What tools do you need?

Baylor is committed to giving Pre-Law students the tools they need to prepare for the rigors of law school and the legal profession. As a Pre-Law student, you will have access to the resources of an office dedicated solely to promoting the success of pre-law students. The role of Baylor Pre-Law is to help students of all academic majors explore the possibility of attending law school, move through the application process, and prepare for law school and the legal profession. One-on-one professional advising is available from the time you enter as a freshman, so that you can begin to strategically position yourself for success. Regular workshops and speakers, connections with lawyer-alumni, and internship opportunities will help you develop a realistic understanding of the legal profession and to begin to develop the skills you will need as a law student and lawyer. A New Student Experience course allows pre-law students to develop a four-year plan to prepare for law school success. Additionally, with Baylor Law School located on the campus, you will also have a unique opportunity to access the resources of a highly regarded law school that houses the nation’s third-ranked advocacy program.

What is your passion?

As a Pre-Law student at Baylor, you have the opportunity to explore the legal field while immersing yourself in the discipline of your choice. Students who attend law school come from many different majors and educational backgrounds. In light of that, Baylor Pre-Law encourages you to pick a course of study that inspires and challenges you. Pre-Law students thrive in many of Baylor’s diverse academic programs. And, of course, the Pre-Law experience is not confined to the classroom. Read more about the opportunities available to explore and develop your passion as a Baylor Pre-Law student.

Do you feel called to serve or to lead?

Because of its rich Christian heritage and historical commitment to the private sector education of service-oriented professionals, Baylor is uniquely positioned to develop the future leaders of the legal profession. Baylor has always understood its educational mission in especially expansive terms, rooted in its Christian identity. Accordingly, Baylor surrounds its excellent classroom experiences with vibrant, formative, collegiate communities intended to form students as whole persons. Pre-Law students are encouraged to think about law as a vocation as well as a profession.