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Located in the Paul L. Foster Success Center, Baylor Pre-Law is a pre-professional program designed to provide advising, programming and resources to students of all majors who are considering a career in law.

Specifically, Baylor Pre-Law endeavors to:

  • Encourage informed decision-making about law school by (1) providing information and resources that enable students to develop a realistic understanding of the legal profession; and (2) encouraging students to engage in the self-assessment and vocational discernment necessary to ensure a career in law is consistent with the student’s skills, interests, and values;
  • Facilitate preparedness for the academic rigors of law school and the demands of the legal profession by (1) providing advising and programing designed to help students understand and the skills they need as future-lawyers; and (2) encouraging students to use Baylor’s resources to maximize their academic potential and to develop skills necessary for success;
  • Help students successfully navigate the law-school application process by providing one-on-one admissions counseling, maintaining up-to-date written materials, and facilitating admission-focused programming; and
  • Build a dynamic pre-law community by recruiting talented prospective pre-law students, encouraging engagement among current students, and connecting faculty and lawyer-alumni to the pre-law community.

Mission Statement

To facilitate the success of Baylor's pre-law students-during their time as undergraduates and beyond-by providing advising, programming and resources designed to encourage (1) informed decision-making; (2) academic preparedness; and (3) the development of successful law school applications.