What are the eligibility requirements to apply to the Hillis Scholars program?

Current Sophomores and Juniors (*by class year, not credit hour) are welcome to apply to the Hillis Scholars program. Freshmen are not eligible to apply. Applicants must also have a Pre-Medical designation and plan to attend medical school in their future.

What events are held during the semester?

The Hillis Scholars program hosts speaker events, panels with local physicians, end-of-the-semester banquets in both the spring and fall, an annual pinning ceremony for newly inducted scholars, and weekly family dinners with Dr. Sparky Matthews (optional).

Do Hillis Scholars receive a scholarship?


Who directly oversees the Hillis Scholars program?

Dr. Sparky Matthews

How can I learn more about the Hillis Scholars program?

In the fall semester, the Hillis Scholars will host interest meetings for prospective applicants. Here you are free to ask any additional questions about the application or program in general. Where can I find the application? 2022 Hillis Scholars Application

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