Baylor Bridges

Connecting Baylor Alumni in Medicine to the Prehealth Student Community


The Baylor Bridges program connects Baylor alumni who are health care professionals and current Baylor prehealth students to build a community focused on advancing and enhancing education via research, leadership, service, and mentorship. This program is designed for Baylor University students interested in pursuing any health-related professions.


Pillars of the Baylor Bridges:

  • Scholarship and Research
  • Purpose: Promote medical innovations within health professions by fostering opportunities for research and continued learning.


      Prehealth Incubator:
      • The Baylor Incubator supports student-led projects through the research experimental process and ultimately connects them with the greater Waco community and Baylor Prehealth Alumni.
      • The Baylor Incubator utilizes an internal review process to help refine research before leadership from their respective projects meet with alumni to promote enhanced and effective parties for all individuals involved.
      • Interested in participating in the program? Here are the Guidelines and Application?:

        Alumni Incubator Guidelines

        Interest Form

  • Leadership and Service
  • Purpose: Create educational opportunities to prepare students for leadership roles and foster ways to encourage a service mindset. These opportunities will encourage discussion and dialogue regarding health-related topics and beyond.


      Baylor Bridges Alumni Podcast: Bread and Butter of Prehealth
      • The podcast will create meaningful and thought-provoking discussions over various healthcare topics. It will highlight different Baylor Alumni healthcare professionals’ experiences and advice across the United States.
      • Interested in speaking on the podcast:
      Special Events:
      • Baylor Bridges members will participate in professional conferences, symposiums and lectures – sponsored and produced by alumni and pre-health students alike.
        • Ex) Healthcare Leadership Conference
        • Ex) Baylor Bridges Homecoming Tailgate
        • Ex) Baylor Bridges Banquet
      Baylor Bridges Brunches:
      • Baylor Bridges Brunches highlight different alumni from different healthcare fields to showcase their expertise and wisdom.
      • Interested in presenting:
  • Mentorship
  • Purpose: Allow meaningful engagement between healthcare alumni and prehealth students that promote multifaceted mentorship. These intentional mentorship opportunities aim to help encourage students to grow spiritually, educationally, and mentally.


      Intentional Networking through Database Tags:
      • Students and alumni have the ability to connect with each other through the database using the “tag” features. These tags open avenues to have students ask questions and receive advice directly from alumni over various topics.
      • Interested in being mentored or mentoring? Here are the Guidelines:


      Interested in Working with Student Organizations
      • Alumni have the ability to work directly with students through the existing Prehealth Organizations to discuss work-related topics and mentor students within existing avenues.
      • Interested in working with Student Organizations?

        Mentorship Interest

About Us

Baylor Bridges Alumni Governing Board

To ensure the success of Baylor Bridges, an Alumni Board will be established to direct and govern its program goals, engagement and outreach.

  • The Board will oversee the development of each Pillar of the Baylor Bridges Program.
  • A Sub-Committee will manage each Pillar and will be led by an elected Board Member.
  • The Board will be chaired by an alumnus or alumna elected by the Board

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