Medical Ethics Discussion Society (MEDS)

Medical Ethics Discussion Society (MEDS)

President: Ritu Channagiri


The Medical Ethics Discussion Society is a pre-health organization dedicated to developing our knowledge of medical ethics and establishing a tight-knit community. MEDS hosts weekly meetings that give our members the opportunity to explore ethical questions and moral dilemmas commonly faced in the healthcare field. Discussion meetings allow members to talk with each other about questions and case studies related to topics in medical ethics, and speaker meetings give members the chance to hear the perspective of an expert or healthcare provider. We also believe in the importance of giving back to the community, so MEDS offers weekly service opportunities, partnering with groups like the Mission Waco Youth Center, Caregiver in Waco, Caritas, and Bluebonnet Hospice. As an organization built on discussion, community is a core part of MEDS. We have a number of social events to help members build relationships with each other and a mentoring program to connect members with our officers to foster personal and professional growth.

Contact our secretary, Morgan Pluto ( or president Ritu Channagiri ( if you are interested in joining or would like more information about MEDS.

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