Frequently Asked Questions

Are there requirements to be pre-med or pre-dental?

Yes; to begin your Baylor studies as a premedical or predental student, you must:

  • Freshmen - Have earned a composite ACT/SAT score of 24 or 1180 with a minimum of 24 or 570 on the math section. You may retest and submit new scores to Undergraduate Admissions. Updated scores must be received and processed by August 1.
  • Transfers - Have a cumulative college GPA of 3.0 or better.
Is Baylor test optional for the 2020-21 admissions cycle?

Yes, Baylor will be test optional. If students are submitting test scores, students must earn a 24/1180. If students apply without test scores, they will be individually reviewed for Pre-Med approval based on their high school academic record. 

I currently don't meet the requirements to be designated pre-med/pre-dent. Will i still have an opportunity to be pre-med?

Yes! You can add the designation once you satisfy one of the following:

  • Earn a 3.0 cumulative GPA or better after 30 credit hours at Baylor University
  • Earn a 3.0 cumulative GPA or better in 12 or more credit hours of biology, chemistry, physics, and math/statistics classes at Baylor University
What resources are available to me as a pre-med student at Baylor?

Baylor provides the prehealth committee to its students, a large variety of student organizations, Supplemental Instruction, and tutoring. Waco itself offers many opportunities for its pre-med and pre-health students. Be sure to check out the designation packets for each Prehealth track under the Programs tab!

What is the average class size for science courses?

General science lectures begin at around 100 students and decrease to around 30 as you work your way through your program. Labs will be under 30 for your entire Baylor experience.

Are there research opportunities available to me at Baylor? How soon can I begin research?

Baylor offers research as early as your freshman year. There are opportunities during both the summer and semester that you can apply for. 

Are there volunteer/shadowing opportunities in Waco?

Waco has several hospitals, hospice centers, and private practices for students to find volunteer and shadowing opportunities.

What is the average acceptance rate into medical schools? 

Baylor does not disclose this information in order to protect the privacy of its students. 

What MCAT prep opportunities exist at Baylor? 

Student organizations will offer MCAT prep opportunities. Our office does not endorse a certain course. 

What courses should I take if I am trying to take some of my pre-reqs before matriculating at Baylor?

Core classes such as English can be taken prior to matriculating at Baylor. We recommend taking your science courses at Baylor as each class builds a foundation for the next class. 

Are there any prehealth scholarships?

Yes, several scholarships are awarded through the Prehealth Office to Pre-Med and Pre-Dent students who are classified as Juniors (60-89 hours) or Seniors (90+ hours). The application usually opens early in the Spring semester.

Can I set up a meeting to discuss coursework with a prehealth advisor?

Unfortunately you cannot speak with an advisor until you matriculate at the university. You can emails our prehealth ambassadors ( with any questions you have. 

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