Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a prehealth designator to my degree plan?

Email the Prehealth Office ( with your full name, student ID number, and the designator you would like added. We submit changes once a month therefore it might take a few weeks for the request to be reflected on your transcript depending on when you submit your request. 

How do I set up an appointment with a prehealth advisor?

Our office conducts all of our advising during AskPrehealth. AskPrehealth is one-on-one advising via Zoom. Askprehealth is our office's version of walk-in appointments.

When should I go through the prehealth committee process?

Students should go through the committee process the year before they intend to apply to medical school. If you plan to apply your senior year, then you should go through the committee process during your junior year. If you plan to apply after you graduate, then you should go through the committee process during your senior year. 

I’m thinking about dropping a class/purposefully failing so I can retake it and do better using Baylor’s grade forgiveness policy? 

Baylors grade forgiveness policy only applies to Baylor. This means professional schools will still see the original grade and will factor it into your application. 

When should I take the MCAT? When should I begin studying?

Students will typically take the MCAT the Spring semester of their Junior year and begin studying in the semesters before that. 

What workshops are available for graduate school applications?

Our office holds a personal statement workshop hosted by Dr. Sanker and a Prehealth Committee Workshop hosted by Ms. Lin in the fall. Check canvas or the "workshops" tab on our website for date, time, and location!

Can I take science courses at a community college over the summer?

This depends on the institution you apply to. It is always preferable to take your pre-requisite courses at Baylor. A more concrete answer can be found on the website of the medical school you intend on applying to.

Can I take non-science courses at a community college over the summer?

Yes, but it is always a good idea to reference the website of the medical schools you intend on applying to in order to verify their policy. 

Are there any prehealth scholarships?

Yes, several scholarships are awarded through the Prehealth Office to Pre-Med and Pre-Dent students who are classified as Juniors (60-89 hours) or Seniors (90+ hours). The application usually opens early in the Spring semester.

Withdrawing from a Course?

Medical schools generally disprove of a "W" on transcripts. Only drop a course if there is no way to bring your grade up to a C. When applying to medical school, it is important to explain why you dropped a class.


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