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Committee Letter Process

Premedical/Predental Committee Letter Process

The Baylor Premedical/Predental Committee Letter process is designed to prepare students for the medical/dental school application process. Eligible students should begin the committee process during the fall semester of the year prior to applying to professional schools. Committee process participants/students are expected to attend professional workshops (personal statements, interview skills, etc.) and are required to turn in assignments before they are interviewed by a Prehealth Advisory Committee member in the spring semester. The result of the committee process is a composite committee letter sent to medical/dental schools. The committee letter will fulfill the letters of evaluation requirement of most medical/dental school applications.

Qualification Requirements for a Premedical/Predental student to participate in the Committee Process:

  1. BCPM (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math) GPA > 3.30
  2. Completed > 30 Baylor credit hours before the committee process
  3. Completed CHE 1301/1101 + CHE 1302/1102 AND BIO 1305/1105 (or 1405) + BIO 1306/1106 (or 1406) before the committee process
  4. By the end of the committee process, each participating student must have completed CHE 3331 + CHE 3332 AND PHY 1408 (or 1420) + PHY 1409 (or 1430)
  5. Students are strongly encouraged to have completed (or be in the process of completing) Biochemistry, Psychology, and Sociology before taking the MCAT

Committee Procedure:

  1. Students must turn in their BCPM GPA (CLICK HERE) + Signed Confidentiality Waiver (CLICK HERE) + Baylor Unofficial Transcripts (from your BearWeb account) during the General Committee Information session at the beginning of the fall semester. Each Committee participant must ask 3 or more faculty members (2 science professors are recommended) for online evaluations.
  2. Committee Interviews take place between January and March.
  3. Subcommittee meetings take place in April to evaluate committee participants.
  4. Students attend the medical/dental schools application workshop in May.
  5. Students submit the evaluations request form between May and August.

> 3.30 BCPM GPA = Baylor Committee Letter

3.00 - 3.29 BCPM GPA = Baylor Letter Packet

**TMDSAS considers either the Baylor Committee Letter or the Baylor Letter Packet as a Health Professions Committee Packet.

The Baylor Committee Letter is composed of an interview report, committee evaluation, and quotes from various Baylor faculty evaluators.

The Baylor Letter Packet is a collection of individual evaluation letters plus a cover letter from the Baylor Prehealth office that serves as a central collection service for the student, but does NOT make additional assessments of the candidate.

The Baylor Committee Letter or Letter Packet fulfills the letters of evaluation requirement for all Texas medical/dental schools. However, Premedical/Predental Committee participants/students may need individual letters of recommendation in addition to the Baylor Committee Letter for some out-of-state schools (for example, Loyola University/Stritch School of Medicine, University of Oklahoma College of Medicine, University of Utah School of Medicine, etc.)

Please contact if you have any questions concerning the Baylor Premedical/Predental Committee Letter process.