CMO Internship Program - Genesis Physician Group, Dallas

Overview of Genesis Physicians Group

Genesis Physicians Group is one of North Texas' largest Independent Physician Associations (i.e. IPA). With over 1,385 independently practicing physicians, working in over 600 locations, and across 60+ specialties in the DFW metropolitan area, Genesis holds a reputation for high quality health care delivery for more than 2 million patients each year.

Independent physicians benefit by being a part of an IPA like Genesis Physicians Group. For an annual administrative fee, physician members have access to a suite of services from a small team of health care administration professionals. The Genesis motto - "Independent, yet not alone" - means we are here to provide services, tools, and information to physicians desiring to maintain an independent private practice of medicine. Many of our physicians practice solo or in a small group of one or two physicians. A physician member of Genesis Physicians Group receives personalized attention from a dedicated Physician Services Representative on some of the following services:

Our basic services include:

  • Insurance Plan Contract Management
  • Insurance Plan Beneficiary Claims resolution support
  • NCQA-certified Credentialing for Insurance Plan participation
  • Physician Consulting Services to assist with practice infrastructure and operations

Genesis physician members also have access to:

  • Pay for Performance and Medicare Advantage Contracts
  • Discounts on more than 40 supplier and service vendors
  • Physician staff continuing education and training on health care marketplace changes
  • Quality Improvement via benchmarking and peer comparison
  • Physician Member Web Portal for timely communication and quality performance updates

Responding to the changes created by health care financing reform, Genesis Physicians Group created an Accountable Care Organization in 2013. As such, new service offerings are currently being launched to increase physician accountability for quality and costs through population management and wellbeing improvement strategies.

The Genesis Physicians Group Administrative Internship

The Summer Internship is available to undergraduate pre-healthcare students interested in an intensive 8 week summer administrative internship. The internship is designed to provide a student with the experience of working "inside" health care administrative infrastructure. The time invested will yield a broad understanding of the market forces shaping the changes in America’s health care delivery and financing systems. At completion, it is expected that the student will be comfortable discussing the challenges facing them and their future colleagues, while also offering their own suggested solutions.

Generally, the internship occurs during the months of June and July and is designed for one to two students each year. At the beginning of the internship, students will work with the Genesis Chief Executive Officer to design a research question that is mutually beneficial to both the student and Genesis. Over the course of the eight weeks, the student will perform internet research and attend daily/weekly meetings with various members of the Genesis Management Team. It is expected that the student will write a 10-12 page white paper (with attributed bibliography) and develop a short power point slide presentation to be presented at the conclusion of the internship. Additionally, the intern will be given assigned reading of relevant health care leadership literature to be discussed during weekly "journal clubs" with the CEO and other Genesis Management Team members.

Working environment: Interns will be working in an office environment and will have their own assigned workspace. They will be able to utilize their own laptop computer (or one can be provided by Genesis). They will have access to the internet for research. From time to time throughout each week, the student will have the opportunity to attend high-level executive meetings with physicians and hospital executives gaining a deeper insight into the challenges and opportunities within the U.S. Healthcare system.

Vacation: We understand that there may be a need for a student to take time off during the internship for family vacation. There is some flexibility in both the initiation and completion of the internship, to help accommodate previously scheduled vacations.

Housing: Interns are responsible for obtaining their housing during the internship. Dr. Sanker can provide contacts for applicants to obtain short-term summer housing in the Dallas area.

Employment: The intern will be required to become an employee of Genesis Physicians Group in order to receive their stipend and obtain access to HIPPA protected information.

Acceptance to this program will be based on academic achievements, student involvement, and best fit in order to create valuable student/mentor relationships.** Eligible students must have a completed application by the deadline in order to be reviewed for this opportunity.


Program Timeline

  • December - Application to the program opens
  • February  - Applications due
  • March - Applications will be reviewed and interviews will be scheduled
  • April - Interviews
  • April - Candidates will be selected and notified
  • April - Mandatory orientation for contract students
  • May - Mandatory credentialing process and paperwork
  • June - Summer Internship begins
  • August - Summer Internship concludes

** Students selected to participate in these programs must attend all mandatory meetings and be dedicated to completing the programs from beginning to end. We will NOT make any exceptions for missed meetings or time off. If a selected student is unable to participate in the program as indicated, then the student will be removed from the program immediately. If you cannot participate during a program's timeline, you should not apply to that program.


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