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The Office of PreHealth Studies is committed to helping medical focused undergraduate students prepare for medical and health professions. As we connect students with research opportunities and internships, we help them gain exceptional learning experiences for their future.

The need for medical providers who are capable of conducting high-quality clinical and biomedical research has never been greater. The need is for physicians - experienced in meeting the challenges of providing effective clinical care with high quality and understanding the unique problems of diagnosing, and treating medical conditions in the population - to develop leading-edge clinical research skills and to create policy guidelines based on scientific data, including patient and physician values or utilities. These research skills are especially needed to help the healthcare as a whole.

In addition to the cultivation of fundamental scientific abilities, training in biomedical research will allow the undergraduate to explore their future profession in medicine while developing practical skills that will serve them in their intended careers. Biomedical research is one of the most effective methods for students to participate first-hand in the medical profession; it provides an experience that will allow them to realize what talents and knowledge need to be developed for future professional competency.

The Office of Prehealth Studies in collaboration with various health partners offers the following programs for current undergraduate PreHealth students. Below you will find a list of our current programs along with links to their webpages. Click HERE for more details on what is required and expected for these research opportunities.**

** Students selected to participate in these programs must attend all mandatory meetings and be dedicated to completing the programs from beginning to end. We will NOT make any exceptions for missed meetings or time off. If a selected student is unable to participate in the program as indicated, then the student will be removed from the program immediately. If you cannot participate during a program's timeline, you should not apply to that program.

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