Student Reflections (Hillcrest)

Photo Evan BarriosEVAN BARRIOS

"The major strengths of the internship site include an involved staff that happily answers questions and guides interns as they help to administer surveys. I most enjoyed the relationships that I built with the staff (both the physicians and the nurses). I enjoyed talking to the parents of the patients and hearing their take as to the upbringing of their children. I also appreciate my mentor showing me a glimpse of the business side of medicine as it pertains to the Hillcrest Pediatric Clinic."

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Photo Stephanie ScogginSTEPHANIE SCOGGIN

"The Pediatric Clinic at Hillcrest provides an excellent opportunity for students to gain one on one experience with patients that most other opportunities available to undergraduates can't. In addition, the staff and physicians are friendly and more than willing to have students there which proved to be crucial for effective data collection. My mentor was very well organized and assigned an appropriate, intriguing project. [My mentor] was always available for questions and ready to help.">

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