Student Reflections (SWURP)

Caitlin Brashears PhotoCAITLYN BRASHEARS

"The major strengths of the internship site were the mentors and supervisors I had the privilege to work with. They were very interested in teaching and providing me with valuable lab and clinical experiences. I worked at the Cancer Center and the Cancer Research Institute at Scott and White over the course of the internship and my mentors and coworkers in both locations were excellent to work with. I also enjoyed the variety of experiences that I was able to have as a result of working on both a research lab project and a clinical research project."

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Matt Grimsbo PhotoMATT GRIMSBO

"This internship site had more than adequate resources to make this a successful summer. I most enjoyed the ability to directly interact with patients in the Parkinson's study by administering assessments. It was an amazing opportunity to be actively involved in research."

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