Student Testimonials (Hillcrest)

“What are students saying about Hillcrest?"

-Stephanie Scoggin
The Pediatric Clinic at Hillcrest provides an excellent opportunity for students to gain one on one experience with patients that most other opportunities available to undergraduates can't. In addition, the staff and physicians are friendly and more than willing to have students there which proved to be crucial for effective data collection. My mentor was very well organized and assigned an appropriate, intriguing project. [My mentor] was always available for questions and ready to help.
-Gretta Smith
We were provided with a variety of experiences that differed each day due to the changing nature of the emergency department. Our mentors were incredible and all gave us their full support throughout the process, which made the experience very enjoyable. We also had a lot of flexibility in scheduling, as we were allowed to come in any time of the day, any day of the week, and the staff ensured we always had the materials we needed regardless of when we came in.
-Carrie Pyle
One of the best parts of working in the Hillcrest Pediatrics Clinic was working with pediatricians and seeing how the clinic functions. As an aspiring pediatrician, I greatly appreciated the inside perspective on the clinic and being able to shadow some of the physicians to observe their different styles and techniques.
-Allison Aslin
The major strength of this internship site is patient interaction. The research being conducted is heavily reliant upon the participation and understanding of the patient and is key to the success of the study. Receiving the opportunity to interact with patients gives an opportunity for growth in communication skills, confidence in the work place, and a better understanding of the impact of the study. Another major strength of the internship site is the wealth of knowledge you are constantly surrounding yourself with. [My mentor] is a source of deep knowledge and understanding of the human body and the importance of research in the healthcare field. He allowed me hands on experience and pulled me aside when further explanation was needed. Every person in research was happy to explain and teach me the dynamics of the study and how to conduct certain portions of a patient visit. This is a very rewarding internship site if you are willing to ask questions and look at every person as someone with knowledge you do not have.
-Evan Barrios
The major strengths of the internship site include an involved staff that happily answers questions and guides interns as they help to administer surveys. I most enjoyed the relationships that I built with the staff (both the physicians and the nurses). I enjoyed talking to the parents of the patients and hearing their take as to the upbringing of their children. I also appreciate my mentor showing me a glimpse of the business side of medicine as it pertains to the Hillcrest Pediatric Clinic.
-Christina Nestlerode
Hillcrest was very flexible and was concerned with what I wanted to accomplish. They were supportive of me and tried to provide outlets for me to receive information and get all that I could out of the internship. I appreciated my mentor’s interest in the projects that I was undertaking. His interest helped me to realize that what I was doing was having an effect on the hospital. It was reassuring and he was very supportive.
-Adrian Verde
The major strengths of this internship site is the fact that the doctors, nursing staff, and everyone else who worked there are hard-working, dedicated, and very nice. They work efficiently and do their best work every day. My favorite part of this internship was definitely the people that I worked with. All the staff were extremely nice and treated us interns like we were normal workers; they didn't think any less of us, and they helped us accomplish our goals.
-Brendan Daugherty
Some of the strengths of this internship included patient interaction, clear explanation of the purposes of different tasks, and the opportunity to shadow a very wise physician. Also, although it was often tedious, it was a great experience to be able to review patients' charts in order to record their diagnoses so that they could be enrolled in the study. This internship allowed me to see all of the work that goes in to long-term research projects and definitely showed that research does not lead to instant gratification. My favorite part of the internship was seeing patients that were starting to get their blood sugar levels under control because of their enrollment in the study.

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