Prehealth Student Organizations

For prehealth students, joining a prehealth student organization is a great way to meet health focused individuals to help you develop the skills and experience you need in preparation for applying to health profession schools.

All prehealth students are strongly encouraged to join a medical/health related organization. There are groups to suit every interest. Most organizations take new members each semester, and offer interest meetings that provide an overview of their focus. A complete list of prehealth student organizations are listed below. Additional information on each of these organizations can be found on this website. 

Alpha Epsilon Delta (AED)

President: Miranda Lutterbei 

Alpha Epsilon Delta is Baylor’s only Pre-Health Professional Honor Society and is part of AED on a national scale as the Texas Beta Chapter. Established in 1929, we have a rich and extensive history of serving pre-health students. We are an organization that seeks to foster the intellectual, professional, and personal development of our members through our programs and events, each designed to build camaraderie, fellowship, service, and excellence in scholarship. Our New Member process and social events allow members to build strong bonds with other pre-health students. In addition, our members cultivate their hearts for service through a wide variety of events and programs, including an annual mission trip to the Dominican Republic. There are numerous opportunities to get involved in research and shadowing through the programs we provide and our speaker events with faculty and notable members of the healthcare and research fields. Also, our annual Pre-Health Symposium, an event open to the entire Baylor Pre-Health community, promotes networking with over 40 different professional schools both in and outside of Texas. We envision our organization to be a place to cultivate future health care professionals who lead lives of leadership, compassion, integrity, excellence, and continual learning.

Contact our New Member Educators, Lauren Boone ( and Trent Rothell (, or our President Miranda Lutterbei ( If you are interested in joining AED or would like more information about our chapter. Check out @bayloraed on Instagram for a sneak peek into what our organization offers!”

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American Medical Women's Association (AMWA)

President: Jessica Apodaca-Burks

We are the Baylor chapter of a national organization that functions to advance women's health by providing and developing leadership, advocacy, mentoring, and strategic alliance opportunities. Our chapter here is focused on students as they advance in their pre-health journey while opening up discussions about the empowerment of women in health care. We have a variety of keynote speakers, service opportunities, workshops, and panels. Fostering close community and taking care of each other is one of our top priorities. 

Contact our president, Jessica Apodaca-Burks ( if you have any questions or are interested in joining AMWA.  More information can also be found at

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AMWA Website

Association of Pre-Pharmacy Students (APPS)

President: Maggie Huynh

The Association of Pre-Pharmacy Students (APPS) is an organization for undergraduate students who aim to become pharmacists. We host informational meetings, bringing resources and events related to the pharmacy field to our members. APPS has service events, social, and fundraising events that aid members in meeting other pre-pharmacy students and give back to the Waco community.

If you are interested in joining or have any questions, contact us via email @

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American Student Dental Association (ASDA)

President: Abby Bannerman

Baylor ASDA strives to provide programs that will educate members on topics important to their dental aspirations and professional future; to encourage intentional relationships among the organization and throughout the Waco community; to encourage personal growth and reflection through service opportunities; and ultimately to enhance its members' knowledge of the dental profession.

Contact our president Abby Bannerman ( if you are interested in joining ASDA or would like more information about ASDA.

Email Abby Bannerman

Bears Medical Student Association (BMSA)

President: Victoria Le

Bears Medical Student Association is an organization that strives to provide its members with ample resources to explore their interests while fostering a community between students of diverse backgrounds. We offer academic workshops within categories such as research and internship, medical ethics, and professional development in order to help our members grow academically, while offering hands-on opportunities such as medical mission trips and community service to promote a people-based mentality in our future healthcare professionals. In addition to these things, we have social activities for periods of leisure, such as small groups, socials, and medical tv show nights. We strive to make our members feel at-home within our organization, as well as work to expand and develop the Baylor PreHealth community. Our members are required to obtain 70 points to become active, which translates to roughly 14 hours a semester with opportunities to obtain higher membership statuses with more points. We look forward to having you join the Baylor community and hope that you choose to let us be a part of your journey!

Contact our president, Victoria Le ( if you have any questions or are interested in joining BMSA.

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Baylor Pre-Vet Medical Association (BPVMA)

President: Lexi Berard

The Baylor Pre-Veterinary Medical Association (BPVMA) is the only student organization on campus directed at pre-veterinary students. Our club works to ensure members have resources to volunteer, shadow, and take on leadership roles in our community. Members of our organization attend bi-monthly meetings where medical professionals across the spectrum of animal medicine come and speak. Speakers can range from veterinarians, to first-year veterinary students, and vet school representatives, all of which are extremely beneficial and informative to students. Beyond the meetings, we organize socials, and have a mentor/mentee program where upperclassmen help freshmen and sophomores with planning courses or applying to vet school. 

BPVMA offers an environment for growth and success as we strive to ensure our members feel welcomed and well informed. Our offered volunteer programs allow students to gain a wide variety of animal experience. From helping control the feral cat population on campus, to working at a therapeutic riding center, members have a selection of service opportunities geared toward their success upon applying to vet school. Alongside service, we promote our members’ involvement in shadowing local clinics to gain a better understanding of the tasks required of veterinarians, and their staff. Our organization also works closely with the Humane Society of Central Texas, where we hold yearly adoption events on campus. 

BPVMA is a great way for any pre-vet student to gain footing and build a successful college career.

Contact our secretary Victoria Welch ( or our president Lexi Berard( if you are interested in joining, or have any questions!

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Baylor University Research in Science and Technology (BURST)

President: Tiffany Luan

BURST is the student organization for Baylor undergraduate students interested in scientific research. If you are interested in various areas of science or want to get involved in research on-campus or off-campus, you have found the right place! BURST provides opportunities for students to optimize their research experiences by hosting peer-led journal clubs on research articles, tours of labs in the Baylor Sciences Building (BSB) so members can visualize research techniques, seminars by experts from both Baylor and beyond, and workshops on internships, grants, resumes, poster making, etc. We also organize socials and service events to have fun and build community.

Members who join a lab and conduct research are encouraged to publish their work and attend conferences where they can present their findings to the scientific community. BURST annually produces Scientia, Baylor’s Research Journal of Science & Technology, and our members work as editors to assist student authors through the publication process. In the fall, we host Research & Internship Day where students present research, attend breakout sessions featuring internships and professional school application tips, and hear from an inspiring speaker. In the spring, we work closely with URSA during Scholars’ Week, Baylor’s annual research showcase. We also promote conference opportunities in Texas and around the nation. This year, BURST will host Baylor’s first intercollegiate conference: Heart of Texas Undergraduate Research Conference.

Visit out website ( to learn more about BURST or email with any questions. If you are interested in joining BURST, please fill out this form and we'll let you know when our interest meetings will be:

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Christian Pre-Health Fellowship (CPF)

President: Micah Stull

Christian Pre-Health Fellowship (CPF) is a close-knit community of pre-health students who are seeking to understand how our faith underlies and transforms our calling to work in the healthcare field. Our mission is to connect Christian pre-health students, encourage them in their vocational journey, and demonstrate the value of their call to medical ministry at home and abroad. We hope to help our members experience joyful, authentic, Christ-centered community as they pursue careers that can be dominated by intense competition--something we accomplish through events like tailgates and game nights in addition to local and international service, corporate prayer and worship, and conversations with Christian healthcare professionals.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our Internal Vice President, Annalisa Keating, at

Email Annalisa Keating

Latinx Association for Science and Health (LASH)

President: Gabriella Villa

The Latinx Association for Science and Health (LASH) strives to provide resources to Latinx and Hispanic students that wish to pursue a career in science or healthcare. Through workshops, service, mentoring, and research opportunities. LASH hopes to mold successful Latinx and Hispanic students to excel in the professional world.

In addition, LASH strives to increase cultural competency in hopes of inspiring more diversity and inclusivity at Baylor University; this will also encourage our community to be more compassion towards communities that differ from ours.

LASH ultimately aims to serve the underrepresented students and guide them in their journey to becoming well-rounded healthcare professionals.

If you are interested in joining the LASH familia or receiving more information, please contact us via email at, or feel free to contact either our President, Gabriella Villa (,), or Vice President, Diego Ortiz (

Check us out on Instagram @baylorlash to keep up to date on all things LASH!

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@baylorlash on Instagram

Multicultural Association of Prehealth Students (MAPS)

President: Ashley Cullum

The United States population is diverse in many aspects such as socioeconomic background, cultural beliefs, ethnicity, religion, and traditions to name a few. It is therefore imperative that current and aspiring healthcare professionals aim to further their understanding of these different backgrounds in order to provide the best care for their patients. For this reason, it is the mission of the Multicultural Association of Pre-Health Students (MAPS) to provide a community for our members where they are able to explore, better understand, and grow cultural humility in the various backgrounds that make up the patient and healthcare professional populations. Additionally, MAPS' mission is to uplift and highlight opportunities for pre-health students of underrepresented backgrounds, to help decrease the disparity of minority representation in the healthcare field. 

In order to promote this mission, we provide service opportunities, both clinical and non-clinical, every day of the week so that our members can give back to the Waco community as well as experience personal growth alongside their peers. Furthermore, we invite healthcare professionals as guest speakers to share their experiences and promote discussion regarding various healthcare issues. MAPS also offers academic and professionalism workshops, shadowing opportunities, and socials so that you can make amazing friends and bond with those who share the same aspirations as you! Additionally, we offer a mission trip to the Dominican Republic during Spring Break so that members can serve in a different environment while also developing close relationships with each other and with the people that they are serving. We are a nationally recognized chapter by our medical school affiliate organization, Student National Medical Association (SNMA). As a result, we give our members the opportunity to attend a conference hosted by SNMA which allows us to network with medical schools and medical students. We welcome students of all pre-health tracks, and we look forward to meeting you and hopefully welcoming you into our tight-knit community! Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions!

Contact our president, Ashley Cullum ( if you are interested in joining or would like more information about MAPS. More information can also be found on our website:

Email Ashley Cullum

MAPS Website

Medical Ethics Discussion Society (MEDS)

President: Ritu Channagiri

The Medical Ethics Discussion Society is a pre-health organization dedicated to developing our knowledge of medical ethics and establishing a tight-knit community. MEDS hosts weekly meetings that give our members the opportunity to explore ethical questions and moral dilemmas commonly faced in the healthcare field. Discussion meetings allow members to talk with each other about questions and case studies related to topics in medical ethics, and speaker meetings give members the chance to hear the perspective of an expert or healthcare provider. We also believe in the importance of giving back to the community, so MEDS offers weekly service opportunities, partnering with groups like the Mission Waco Youth Center, Caregiver in Waco, Caritas, and Bluebonnet Hospice. As an organization built on discussion, community is a core part of MEDS. We have a number of social events to help members build relationships with each other and a mentoring program to connect members with our officers to foster personal and professional growth.

Contact our secretary, Morgan Pluto ( or president Ritu Channagiri ( if you are interested in joining or would like more information about MEDS.

Email Morgan_Pluto

Email Ritu Channagiri

MEDS Website

Medical Service Organization (MSO)

President: Jada Truong

MSO stands for the Medical Service Organization and our name is a perfect description of our mission. As seen in our name, our mission is twofold: we desire to support student’s pre-health goals and to engage the Waco community through service initiatives. MSO is unique in the Baylor pre-health community because of its strong emphasis on serving the community and inspiring pre-health students to develop a passion for service that will carry into their future professional careers. We offer weekly service opportunities at over 20 sites in the Waco, Texas community, clinical volunteering at the local Family Health Center Clinics, service engagement at Baylor Scott & White Hospital, and an opportunity to obtain first aid and CPR training and use that training to provide care at high-intensity events with our first aid service team. Other events in MSO also include academic/research workshops, socials, mission trips, and much more. MSO has a unique system in which students are placed into "cells" and "tissues" to serve with other students as well as create a close-knit community. We are excited that you are interested in our organization and look forward to connecting with you further. 

More information on the cells, our mission, and locations of service can be found on our website (

If you are interested in joining or if you have any questions, please contact our President, Jada Truong, ( or our Vice President of Administration, Kelsey Bubier ( 

MSO Website

Email Jada Truong

Email Kelsey Bubier

Music & Memory (M&M)

President: Rhea Vikas

Music & Memory at Baylor University is an organization dedicated to bringing personalized music into the lives of memory care patients. Music therapy can improve the quality of life for patients with memory-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. Our organization focuses on therapeutic music approaches for helping patients with neurological disease and making a positive impact on patient health. This organization integrates music and medicine in a unique way to raise awareness for the utilization of holistic medicine.

A big part of this organization is educating through service. Music & Memory provides service through patient interaction with residents at Living Springs Village (LSV) Memory Care facility in Waco. We require all Music & Memory members to participate in events at LSV, such as therapeutic music listening and performance. This requirement has taught our members the value of familiar music for our memory care residents' neurological health. We also hold a speaker series with experts in the field of Alzheimer's and dementia to educate members further on the subject. In addition, Music & Memory plays a big part in raising awareness for neurological memory diseases in the Waco area by participating in the annual national Walk to End Alzheimer’s charity event.

Regardless of if you are a musician or not, if you have a love for music and transformational patient care, this organization is for you! If you are interested in joining please email

If you would like to learn more about us or what we do please refer to for more information.

Contact information:

Pre-Physician Assistant Society (PAS)

President: Anna Oliver & Emma Smith

The purpose of the organization is to promote the profession of Physician Assistant as a viable career choice for all students interested in a healthcare career and to provide each member with a thorough understanding of the role of the PA profession and to support each member through the PA application process. The major goals of the organization are to educate students about the PA Profession, to aid in the application process to PA Schools, and to increase community and health care service in the student’s life. Our cultivating social events, service opportunities, and graduate school visits allow members to establish meaningful connections with fellow pre health students while developing formidable, professional skills.

Contact our presidents Anna Oliver ( or Emma Smith ( if you are interested in joining or would like more information about PAS.

Pre-Optometry Professional Society (POPS)

President: Amanda Bernardi

Pre-Optometry Professional Society is an organization that works to inform students about the fields of optometry, ophthalmology, and other eyecare specialties. We encourage strong relationships between students and practicing optometrists in addition to providing hands-on experience for vision care through shadowing, volunteering, and employment opportunities. In addition, we attend state-wide POPS meetings and get to know our fellow pre-optometry students at other prominent universities. Our members are active participants in the Waco community as eyecare educators and service leaders. We have local optometrists and optometry school representatives speak to us throughout the year and we attend conferences to learn more about the field. We hope you will join our tight-knit community in the fall! 

Contact us at if you are interested in joining or would like more information about POPS.

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Student Physical and Occupational Therapy Association (SPOTA)

Internal President: Alexa Cahalane 

External President: Samantha Rodriguez

The Student Physical and Occupational Therapy Association (SPOTA) is an organization that fosters a community of passionate Pre-Physical and Occupational Therapy students as we prepare for graduate education. Through education from graduate programs, professional guidance, and fellowship with peers, SPOTA prepares students to successfully navigate their path to a career in healthcare. SPOTA has a variety of workshops, guest speakers, social events, and service opportunities that assists students in becoming well-rounded applicants.  

If interested in joining this community of Pre-Physical and Occupational Therapy students, please contact our co-presidents, Samantha Rodriguez ( and Alexa Cahalene (

Email Samantha Rodriguez

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