Responsibilities & Requirements (BSWH-CMO)


The student considering an internship experience should have upper level classification and have completed the majority of his/her course work in his/her field of prehealth and administrative studies. An interview with representatives from Baylor Scott & White Health and the Prehealth Office will be necessary to determine consideration for the internship.

During the internship experience, the student will assume the role of a quasi-employee in the Baylor Scott & White Health. The students must conduct themselves in a professional manner. The first week of the internship experience will be an orientation. The student should attempt to learn as much about his /her responsibilities as possible. Dress and demeanor should be in accordance with Baylor - Scott & White Health standards and expectations. If the student works an eight-hour day, the intern is expected to take a one hour lunch break. The lunch break does not count as part of the required hours.

While interning, the student should be considered a part of Baylor Scott & White Health's staff. With reference to holidays, the agency's holidays will be observed and not those of Baylor University. The agency's policies concerning absenteeism and tardiness will be in effect. If an absence is anticipated or tardiness occurs for any reason, a call to the Supervisor will be necessary. On the first day of the internship, the intern is responsible for determining who should be called in the event of expected or unexpected absence or late arrival. Also, on the first day, the intern should determine who he/she should call in the event the immediate supervisor is not available.

The Prehealth Office Coordinator's task is to be a liaison between the student, the university, and the agency or institution. The Prehealth Coordinator will personally monitor progress during the internship. A meeting may be arranged that includes the Agency Supervisor, the University Prehealth Coordinator, and the student, so that the three may discuss the internship experience as well as the final evaluation.

The Baylor Scott & White Health Supervisor's task is to help the student develop into a professional. As the student's proficiency increases, so should his/her responsibilities. However, one should be aware that all jobs require a certain amount of what seems to be busy work. If these kinds of chores appear to be excessive, the intern should discuss this with the University Coordinator.

You must be permitted by the university coordinator and enrolled before you can begin your internship!

Intern Responsibilities

The internship experience is designed to give an "on the job" type of training. It will also afford the student the opportunity to learn responsibility. Since the student is expected to act in a professional manner, he or she will be held accountable for his/her actions.

In addition to observation and participation in the agency, the intern is expected to:

  1. Report promptly on assigned days and times.
  2. Notify the organization supervisor if you must be absent.
  3. Observe all organization policies.
  4. Maintain appropriate professional dress.
  5. Secure assistance from the supervisor(s) in planning activities.
  6. Contribute in a positive manner to the functioning of the organization.
  7. Check in with your Prehealth Coordinator on a regular agreed upon basis.

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