Learning Objectives (BSWH-CMO)

As an undergraduate student, have been preparing to assume a professional role. As a student who is applying for an internship experience, you have studied various concepts in hopes of becoming an effective professional. For this reason, the Office of Prehealth Studies at Baylor University provides an opportunity for this pre-professional experience.

Goals and Objectives of the Prehealth Baylor Scott & White Health Internship

The purpose of this internship experience is to make each student aware of situations that arise in work settings that may or may not have been discussed in theory courses. Each student, by learning to synthesize theory into application, will be better prepared to make the transition from student to employee.

This particular internship experience conducted within the Baylor Scott & White Health (BSWH) is designed to provide students an opportunity to both observe and participate in actual professional positions within the organization to which they are assigned.

The goal is to create an educational experience that (1) increases the student's knowledge base and enhances the perceptions of the organization; (2) stimulates inquiry; and (3) provides a practical experience that can contribute to the student's professional future.

This goal can be accomplished through a variety of organized objectives that include the following:

  1. The student will gain experience in the planning, organizing, and initiating of a variety of programs within the organization.
  2. Questions concerning responsibility, liability, financing, personnel, community support and involvement, and the expansion of new programs should be encouraged and addressed.
  3. All phases pertinent to the operation of the facility (from Administration to Maintenance) should be examined.

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