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Richard Sanker, Ph.D.


Rizalia Klausmeyer, Ph.D.
Associate Director and Program Director of Earle Hall


Linda B. Haynes, MSEd.
Program Manager and Health Professions Advisor


Jane Lin, M.S., MBA
Program Coordinator


Michelle Savoie, M.A.
Program Coordinator


Lauren Vorderkunz, M.A.
Office Manager

Baylor Prehealth Studies
One Bear Place #97341
Waco, TX 76798-7341
PHONE: 1(254)710-3659
FAX: 1(254)710-3658
Baylor Science Building
101 Bagby Ave.
Suite B.111
Waco, TX 76706

The Office of Prehealth Studies

The Prehealth Studies Office provides advisement, mentoring, and guidance for Baylor University students who are interested in pursuing any of the eight areas of healthcare including premedical, predental, prephysician assistant, preoptometry, preveterinary, prepharmacy, prephysical therapy, and preoccupational therapy.

Our Mission

The Office of Prehealth Studies is committed to preparing and supporting those individuals aspiring to dynamic careers in health care through engaged collaborations with the Baylor community and professional health partners so that they may live out Baylor's mission of worldwide leadership and service.

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