Why Baylor University?

World Class Facilities

BSB FountainThe Baylor Science Building (pictured to the right), was designed with over 500,000 square feet in order to create a connection between the traditional science departments, to encourage an interactive science community and to support multidisciplinary collaborations in research and teaching. Its design supports diverse teaching and learning styles in an atmosphere that fosters creativity and encourages learning communities outside the classroom. Learn more about the Baylor Science Building at www.baylor.edu/BSB.

The Baylor Research and Innovation Collaborative assembles under one roof all the tools and services necessary to take innovative ideas all the way from concept to the marketplace. With a staff of researchers spanning virtually the full range of scientific and technological inquiry, full-featured laboratories, prototyping and testing facilities, technical workforce training capabilities, and business formation and augmentation services, BRIC clients have available to them every facet of product creation, development and marketing required for success, as well as the option of having an on-site presence at the BRIC. Learn more about the Baylor Research and Innovation Collaborative at www.baylor.edu/BRIC.

The East Village Dining Commons is a new 2-story dining facility that seats approximately 500 guests and offers many healthy and gluten-free meal options. It is easily accessible with being less than a block away from the Baylor Science Building for all our hungry future doctors and scientists. Students can use their meal plan here for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Partnering Departments

The Office of Prehealth Studies partners with many of the science and health focused departments across campus to provide our students with a diverse experience. These departments include:

Prehealth Programs

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