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Program Timeline


Freshman Year

_____ Join a Prehealth organization such as AED, ASDA, MAPS, POPS, or Prevet club
_____ Establish good study habits and a strong GPA (A’s and B’s)
_____ Generate an academic program with your academic advisor
_____ Start volunteer work that provides patient contact. Shadow a health professional
_____ Investigate extracurricular undergraduate activities and get involved
_____ Get to know your professors
_____ Develop and/or expand hobbies and interests
_____ Attend either a scheduled group session or email for an advising appointment
_____ Begin MCAT preparation as your classes progress. Pay special attention to verbal reasoning
_____ Make productive use of your winter, spring and summer breaks (volunteering, summer school, etc.)

Sophomore Year

_____ Start thinking about faculty evaluations
_____ Make a meaningful contribution to a club/organization
_____ Become a tutor through a student organization or local school
_____ Continue volunteer work and explore research opportunities
_____ Investigate alternative health career options
_____ Attend either a scheduled group advising session each semester or email for an advising appointment
_____ Start planning to cover health professional school application costs
_____ Continue MCAT preparation
_____ Use the summer for volunteering, research, work, classes, study abroad, summer programs

Junior Year

_____ Continue to explore research and volunteer opportunities
_____ Continue to meet with the Prehealthcare Advisor each semester
_____ Prepare for MCAT, DAT, GRE (plan a lighter course load for spring)
_____ Attend application Information Session
_____ Complete required coursework for admission tests
_____ Have Writing Center staff review personal essay
_____ Complete and turn-in application for local committee interview
_____ Attend scheduled committee interview
_____ Study admission guide for relevant professional schools
_____ Register for appropriate admission tests (MCAT, GRE, DAT)
_____ Take appropriate admission test
_____ Submit application to health professional schools
_____ Request Premedical Advisory Letter to be sent to professional schools

Senior Year

_____ Complete applications for professional schools (begins summer)
_____ Meet with Premedical Advisor as necessary
_____ Prepare to travel to interviews
_____ Arrange mock interview with the Career Center
_____ Keep the Premedical Office informed of your interview, acceptance, waitlist, rejection status
_____ Prepare for reapplication process if necessary