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Premed/Prehealth Programs

Preparing the leaders among tomorrow's physicians and dentists, Baylor University's Premedical/Predental Program is both dynamic and demanding. Because of a rich Christian heritage and because of an historical commitment to the private sector education of service-oriented professionals, Baylor University attracts highly motivated students who possess the ability to learn both in and out of the classroom.

The Prehealth Studies Office provides advisement, mentoring, and guidance for Baylor University student s who are interested in any of the eight areas of healthcare including premedical, predental, prephysician assistant, preoptometry, preveterinary, prepharmacy, prephysical therapy, and preoccupational therapy.

Prehealth Workshops and Courses

The Baylor Prehealth Program recommends that students take coursework specifically geared toward health professions. These courses are listed on Course Listings, and are offered each year either in the fall or spring semester to provide opportunities for every student who is pursuing a health career to gain pertinent information.

The courses currently being offered are: PHP 1106 - Introduction to the Health Profession, PHP 1105 - Foundations of Medicine, and EDP1101 - A workshop course to aid students in development of effective study and self-management skills.

Additionally, workshops present students with detailed guidelines intended for various purposes. The material presented in these workshops varies according to the intended purpose.

Some of the upcoming workshops are Prehealth Advising Workshops, Committee Evaluation Procedure Workshop, and Preparing for the Professional School Interview Workshop.

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