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National School of Tropical Medicine

One Baylor Plaza, BCM113

Houston, Texas 77030-3341

713.798.1199 Fax: 713.798.2299

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Dr. Peter Hotez

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Summer Institute: Introduction to Tropical Medicine

In coordination with Baylor University, the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine began offering the Summer Institute Program: Introduction to Tropical Medicine in the summer of 2014. The intensive two-week course, held in Houston, Texas familiarizes undergraduate students with the field of tropical medicine. Tuition will be partially covered, but each participating student is responsible for their own housing/living expenses. The program dates for 2019 are June 10-21st. Move-in for the Rice dorms is June 9th.

This application has closed. Check back spring 2019.

The National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine (NSTM) is one of the first of its kind devoted to the neglected diseases that disproportionately afflict the bottom billion, the world's poorest people who live below the World Bank poverty level. Learn more about neglected tropical diseases by reading the JOURNAL of Dr. Peter Hotez.

NSTM has partnered with Baylor University to create an introductory program designed to help undergraduate and baccalaureate students determine whether tropical medicine is the right fit. This course concentration, held at the heart of the Texas Medical Center, will introduce students to this field through explorations of global health, epidemiology, public health, infectious diseases, parasitic disease and neglected tropical diseases.Summer Institute participants are selected by Linda B. Haynes, Program Manager for Prehealth Studies, based on grades, classification, application and essay submission

Over the course of two weeks, selected students will participate in seminars with leading experts in these fields and visit research centers conducting cutting-edge research.

Whether you are considering a career in medicine, research, or are undecided, this two-week program will give you the experience and information you need to make the right decision for your future.

NOTE: Tuition is $1, 938.75 and does not include living expenses. Baylor University will provide a stipend to each participant of approximately 50% of the tuition cost. Students will be housed in the Rice University dorms during their stay at a cost of approximately $400/student.