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Graduate Awards Dinner 2013

Recipients of Stormie Schott Award:

Grad_Basil Grad_Thomas
Christine Basil Miriel Thomas

Recipient of the                                                       Recipient of the
Outstanding Masters Student Award:                              Outstanding PhD Student Award:

Grad_Gardner Grad_Capper
Kimberly Gardner David Capper

Phd award capper 2013

Dr. David Nichols (R), Graduate Program Director, presented the award

for the outstanding student in the PhD program to David Capper (L)

Grad Award dinner 2013

Miriel Thomas (L), Debbie O'Malley (C), and Christine Basil (R)

grad award dinner 2 2013

Marjorie Jeffrey (L) and Dr. Clinton (R) perform a musical number in a play called "No Place Like Philosophy: Comedy of Eros", which was written and performed by members of the Department of Political Science