Summer Institute for Teachers

Zavala Program Image Zavala Summer Civics Institute
June 20 - 24 at Baylor University

The Zavala Summer Civics Institute is an opportunity to study fundamental texts in the American political tradition with Baylor University professors. The Institute is designed to help increase your familiarity with key primary sources for use in your classroom. The more exposure students have to primary sources, the richer and fuller their knowledge of America's history and political system will be.

Sessions will explore the ratification debates, separation of powers, and federalism as well as controversial issues such as race and the Constitution and the expansion of rights.

The institute is entirely cost-free for teachers. All materials are included and breakfast and lunch will be provided daily. All participants will receive a certificate of completion and a $400 stipend.



Department of Political Science

One Bear Place #97276
Waco,TX 76798-7276