Martin Medhurst

Distinguished Professor of Rhetoric and Communication
Professor of Political Science

B.A., Wheaton College
M.A., Northern Illinois University
Ph.D., Penn State University

Courses at Baylor:

PSC 4310 Politics and Communication:
The dynamic relationships between political and communication institutions; topics include political discourse, news and information, and portrayal of politics in popular entertainment.

PSC 4335 Public Discourse and Foreign Policy:
An analytic approach to the discourse generated by United States foreign policy in the post-World War II era. Topics covered include the nature of public opinion and foreign policy, rhetorical and political constraints on foreign policy discourse, and in-depth analysis of the arguments for and against the conflict in Vietnam.

PSC 4340 African American Communication:
Rhetorical strategies of African Americans, focusing on the historically important documents of oratory, argumentation, homiletic, and narrative.

PSC 5350 Seminar in Presidential Rhetoric
Survey of the genres of presidential rhetoric and theories of the rhetorical presidency; critical analysis of presidential discourse in selected eras, with focus on texts in context; and methods of evaluating presidential communication.

CSS 4351 Criticism of Contemporary Public Address
: (pending)
Significant public speeches in contemporary society, with emphasis on applying principles and methods of rhetorical criticism.

Department of Political Science

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