Eric Fleury


Doctorate in Political Science, May 2015

Assistant Professor

​Department of Government and International Relations

​Connecticut College

​New London, CT


Eric Fleury's research aims to refine the theoretical analysis of U.S. national security. His major projects include developing a conceptual model of terrorism as a distinct form of warfare, showing the ways in which it affirms and subverts the traditional logic of combat. This project served as the basis of his first book, On Absolute War: Terrorism and the Logic of Armed Conflict (Lexington Books: 2019), which lays out the model and applies it to a variety of historical cases. His next project will show how this model can inform counterterrorism policy, particularly with regard to domestic and 'lone wolf' terrorists. He is also interested in the formulation of U.S. grand strategy, and is currently working on an article describing how the dynamics of polarization have corrupted the longstanding debate between 'liberals' and 'realists', and showing how to reincorporate the moral and philosophical wisdom of both traditions to debates over foreign policy. 

Courses at Connecticut College: Introduction to International Politics, U.S. Foreign Policy, Terrorism, Diplomacy, the Causes of War, Grand Strategy.

Department of Political Science

One Bear Place #97276
Waco,TX 76798-7276