Dissertations in Progress

Olivia Carroll
"Diplomatic Immunity: An Investigation into Its Nature and Current Proposals for Change"
Advisor: Dr. David Clinton

Mary Craig
"Touching Home: Baseball and the Liberal-Republican Tradition in the American Regime"
Advisor: Dr. Dwight Allman

Michael Gonzalez
"Political Peace as Theological Problem: Augustine’s Political Thought Confronts Ancient and Modern Atheism"
Advisor: Dr. Timothy Burns

Elizabeth Goyette
"Seeing the Good; Moral Perception in Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics"
Advisor: Dr. Timothy Burns

Spencer Krauss
"The Homeric Defense of Poetry"
Advisor: Dr. Timothy Burns

Jason Lund
"The Prominence of the Socratic Turn in Plato's Lovers, Phaedrus and Republic VII"
Advisor: Dr. Timothy Burns

Elizabeth Lund
Advisor: Dr. Ann Ward

Miriel Reneau
"Merely Judgment: Justice Samuel A. Alito's Argument for the Role of the Federal Judiciary"
Advisor: Dr. David Nichols

Christopher Ruiz
"Montesquieu’s International Political Thought, with Continual Reference to China"
Advisor: Dr. David Clinton

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