Dissertations in Progress

Jason Lund
""The Prominence of the Socratic Turn in Plato's Lovers, Phaedrus and Republic VII”"
Advisor: Dr. Timothy Burns

Jeremy Schmuck
"Sovereign of the Seas: International Law, Naval Power, and Hegemonic Transition"
Advisor: Dr. David Clinton

Rachel Alexander
"Philosophical Foundations for Political Change: Aristotle's Inquiry into Beginnings in the Nicomachean Ethics."
Advisor: Dr. Mary Nichols

Joseph Griffith
“No Mere Creature of the State”: American Jurisprudence on the Right of Parents to Direct Their Children’s Education"
Advisor: Dr. David Nichols

Jordan Cash
"The Isolated Presidency: The Institutional Logic of Constitutional Presidential Power"
Advisor: Dr. David Nichols

Joshua Boucher
"Hamiltonianism: Alexander Hamilton on American Foreign Policy"
Advisor: Dr. David Clinton

Miriel Reneau
"Merely Judgment: Justice Samuel A. Alito's Argument for the Role of the Federal Judiciary"
Advisor: Dr. David Nichols

Nathan Orlando
"Raymond Aron and His Dialogues in an Age of Ideologies"
Advisor: Dr. David Clinton

Olivia Carroll
"Diplomatic Immunity: An Investigation into Its Nature and Current Proposals for Change"
Advisor: Dr. David Clinton

Catherine Mathie
"Aristotle's Engagement with the Problem of Greed"
Advisor: Dr. Mary Nichols

Rex Carr
"The Nature of International Politics: Nietzsche's International Political Theory"
Advisor: Dr. David Clinton

Clint Condra
"Jonathan Swift on Religion and Politics: A Study of Gulliver's Travels"
Advisor: Dr. David Clinton