BA in International Studies

International Studies is an interdisciplinary major focused on the social, political, and economic issues confronting the international environment as well as regions of the world. The curriculum is flexible, allowing students to choose classes that focus on the issues and regions they care about most. IST majors work with a faculty advisor and a professional advisor to plan their course of study.

Students must pass at least one upper-level modern foreign language class. Baylor offers upper-level courses in these languages: Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, French, Italian, German, Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Students have the option of participating in multiple organizations including Model United Nations, Model Organization of American States, and Model Arab League. These experiences give students an opportunity to combine applied research with persuasive speaking to enhance what they learn in the classroom. Many students choose to complete an internship with Baylor in Washington, the Washington Internship Program, or the Public Service Internship Program.

Studying abroad is recommended for all International Studies majors but is not required unless students add an intensive concentration to the major. Studying abroad is a good way to make cross-cultural connections, develop a global perspective, and grow in maturity. Many international studies majors use study abroad to build foreign language skills. For information on all Baylor's study abroad programs, visit the Study Abroad webpage.

Graduates will be equipped for positions in international business, government, language services, education, humanitarian work, and journalism. Many graduates will also choose to continue their studies through graduate or law school, which provides students with the opportunity to pursue careers in diplomacy, intelligence, policymaking, ministry, education, or the law.


This interdisciplinary program is administered by the Department of Political Science and is designed for:

a. Those who hope to qualify for recruitment by the U.S. Department of State, the U.S. Information Agency, the U.S. Department of Commerce, other U.S. Government agencies engaged in international operations, or agencies of the United Nations or other international organizations. Preparation for the Peace Corps should include an international studies major, a skills major, and proficiency in a foreign language. The International Studies program provides a strong background for students who expect to obtain the Master of Arts (M.A.) degree in international relations offered by the Graduate School of Baylor University.

b. Those who contemplate missionary service. This program is designed to introduce the prospective missionary to cross-cultural political, economic, and social relations.

c. Those who anticipate business assignments abroad or domestic positions in international trade and finance. The program affords preparation for such careers by providing emphasis on international and comparative economics, and it provides an excellent background for students who plan to obtain the Master of International Management (M.I.M.) degree offered by the Graduate School of Baylor University.

d. Those who are preparing for careers in public relations or mass communications. This undergraduate program is especially appropriate for students who intend to undertake graduate study for Baylor’s Master of International Journalism (M.I.J.) degree.

e. Those who wish to prepare for staff work with international foundations.

f. Those who plan teaching careers in international education (overseas teaching or domestic teaching of international affairs).

g. Those who expect to become officers in the United States Air Force, Army, Navy, or Marine Corps.

h. Those who anticipate careers with the Central Intelligence Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, National Security Agency, or other intelligence organizations of the U.S. Government.

i. Those who do not plan an international career but seek a liberal arts education.

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